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Case Closed
April 29, 2006, 2:33 am
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Well we closed on the house today. My sister told me I'd need a shot of tequila, my friends told me to prepare my hand and wrist for failing half way through…But it wasn't bad at all! I think we had such a great lender, realtor and escrow agent that things were actually kind of fun.

We started the morning off by doing our final walk through of the house at 10:00. When we got there, our realtor told us that the seller was leaving the lawn mower, leaf blower, electric hedge trimmer, and weed eater as his "gift" to us. Wow. It absolutely made our morning. So we treated ourselves to some fatty Local Diner breakfast and headed over to the title office for the closing at 11:30. It took a couple of hours for the funding to go through (that's no time at all) and we were able to pick the keys up around 3:00.

It was pouring down rain when we got to the house, so when Todd put me down after carrying me across the threshold, I almost slipped on the tile and broke my leg. Thankfully, we purchased "personal injury" protection on our insurance coverage.

Only one concern so far – there's some pooling of water on one side of the house that we noticed today during the rain. Otherwise, it looks the same it did the last five times we walked through it, minus the furniture.

You'd think I'd be relieved. And I am, a little bit. But now I've got an all new set of things to worry about. A list the size of I don't know what…and it keeps growing, and growing, and growing…It will be so much fun. We're excited. I feel like it's my birthday.


Jack and Lily
April 26, 2006, 3:47 pm
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I was going through some pictures I have of Jack and Lily, so that I could forward them on to a client who was telling me about her cat this morning. This made me feel like I really should take some time out of my busy work day to post some pictures of these babies online. Many of the photos, you've seen before through the moblog. But who wouldn't want to see these again?  No, Lily doesn't like to have her picture taken as much as Jack does.

 Christmas JackjackieValentine's JackSleepy JackPeace LilyWeight Management JackJack working at the computerJack watching TV

Update, bor-ing
April 25, 2006, 8:06 pm
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House – final walk-through and closing on Friday morning. Then, the fun begins. While we don't have a lot of money to sink into the house now for updates, the things we cando will be fun – stripping wallpaper, new paint, tile, appliance shopping…I'm just ready to get those keys.  NOWWWWWW.

I'm still moderately obsessed with my cousin and her boyfriend situation. I've always thought her to be a very independent girl. Either she really doesn't see what everyone else sees…Or she sees it and decides she wants him anyway. I do not miss high school. At all. I think maybe she's done talking to me about it – I don't think she likes what I have to say.

My friend Mary was pointing out today at lunch how there are several people at our office who are either generally unhappy, unfriendly people…or they just don't like us. I think it's a combination of both. Our group has always been seen as "outsiders" to this company. We don't fit in, we're like square pegs around here. It's not as if this is a bad thing, though. It makes us a closer, tighter knit group. I like it. It's just like high school.

Other than that, I'm overwhelmed at work. Also, Todd starts a new job in a couple of weeks that is just minutes from my office. This means (a) we can have lunch together from time to time, and (b) it's just our luck that we're moving out of this area just as we're both working here!  Yay!  Perhaps we can commute together, if we share the same hours.

This weekend Todd lured Jack and I to go on a very long walk. A "big boy walk", as we explain it to Jack. All of us excited, we got on our shoes, grabbed the leash and set out for what I thought was going to be a walk around the apartment complex (it's a large complex). As we walked out of the complex, I asked Todd where we were going? "Just on this route I take when I run from time to time." Turns out, on this route we saw signs for a moving sale, so we walked into the deep abyss of a (very hilly) neighborhood in Valley Ranch, thousands of steps further and further away from our apartment. I was enjoying the walk…It was our effort to get home that killed me. Basically, I think it's uphill all ways. And, we walked in circles for a little while trying to find our way out of the neighborhood. I needed the exercise, badly. But Jack started to give out on us. So Todd had to carry him home. Per my insistence. Poor little thing.

We've scheduled our move for May 27. Any bets on whether or not I can wait that long?

Dating and such.
April 20, 2006, 6:44 pm
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I've never been so glad to be out of the dating scene. I have a friend who has a strange one on her hands, and I tell you what…She's much nicer than I would be, if I were in her situation. This guy makes these "gestures" which he thinks come across as nice, friendly overtures. He doesn't realize that his back-handed manipulation through these gestures is transparent to everyone. She has a boyfriend. A good one. And this guy just won't quit. He thinks he's making her squirm. But he's not. The joke is on him, and he has no idea.

I dated a psycho once. My games were more clever than his. And he retreated.

Marriage is bliss.

Now I'm completely obsessed with my 16 year-old cousin's relationship woes this week. Prom is Saturday night. Her boyfriend decided this week that he "needs some space" and the shit that he's giving her for reasons…is driving me crazy. I'm going crazy because (1) he has no idea how stupid he sounds, and (2) there's no way I can pour years and years of dating experience – ups and downs, learnings here and there – into her brain. I can't make her independent. I can't make her understand what small potatoes this is…that in a year she'll laugh about it. Ughh. I can't make her me, and I can't try to keep her from making the mistakes I made. She can't, by her own innocence and good decisions, die for my sins. Really, I'm not what good parents are made of. My children are going to be nuts.

I have no update on the house. All that work and running around, just to sit around and wait a couple of weeks to close? Give me the keys, I need to measure those counter tops. I need to remove the heinous wallpaper. I need to get moving. I need to be productive. I clearly need a distraction.

No news is good news?
April 18, 2006, 11:17 pm
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So far, things are moving along fairly well with the house. We close next Friday. I think we're in a holding pattern – I haven't heard anything from the mortgage guy or the realtor, so I think the really behind-the-scenes people are working their magic.

The one thing I doknow is…the month of May will be spent tearing down wallpaper, measuring countertops and flooring to see what we can afford to replace, fixing plumbing and bad ventilation issues…It's going to be hard work. But I think it will be fun. And, Todd and I are both excited about the opportunity to learn about all this jazz. This weekend, my brother-in-law was responding with, "That's easy!" every time I gave him an item on our "to do" list for the house. I told him, then, to pack his shit and come stay a week and get to work! He's handy, has owned and updated several homes, and unfortunately lives 95 miles from here.

I am beginning to understand the whole idea of buyer's remorse. We've not even signed the papers and I'm already thinking, "Oh…….my……………GOD." Surely this is normal.

I had a great Easter weekend with my family. It was so good to spend more than two days with everyone – my mom's house is so relaxing and comfortable. It was just what we needed. The highlight of the weekend: badminton with my husband. Mom bought us a badminton/volleyball net set and we set it up in the front yard. It's so much fun to find things that we can do together and enjoy. For instance, Todd spent all day yesterday shopping with me. I loved it. He didn't love it so much, but was doing it for me. Some nights, I look at the TV while he's watching hockey. He lovesit. I don't love it so much, but I do it for him. While playing badminton, we were both having the time of our lives – laughing, running around barefoot in the grass, yelling, making fun of each other. We loved it and wished that the house we were about to sign our lives away for had a yard big enough for a badminton net. Oh well, one day…

Look how hard core the sport is. Bet you never knew that.

So far, so good.
April 13, 2006, 12:25 pm
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We met with the mortgage guy yesterday, went great. Wally is a referral from our friend Mary, and he's great to work with. When you buy a house, there are about 172 people involved. I didn't realize that Wally works directly for the bank who is lending us the (huge sum of) money – he's not a mortgage broker. So we just took that count down to 171, took out the middle man. I like it.

After talking finances, we had brunch and dropped Jack off (ha, ha, funny, I know – jack off) at PetSmart for a grooming. He was nas-ty. And since he's visiting his grandparents this weekend, we thought he better get some rub-a-dub action. Todd headed out for a *meeting* which turned out to be very successful (more on that later) and I headed to the house to join the termite guy and inspector for the (very boring) 3.5 hour inspection.

As you might expect, I had a little anxiety over this inspection. But it all turned out great! Nothing too terrible came up, so now we're just crossing fingers that they'll do what we have to ask them to do, before closing.

Did I mention that closing is April 28? Like, two weeks from tomorrow? Holy crap. Candles lit everywhere.

April 11, 2006, 2:32 pm
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We were out of coffee this morning. Which doesn't matter much to Todd, since he gave it up for Lent, but for me, I really needed it. I don't normally need it. But lately I do. So I went to Starbucks drive-thru on my way to work. Now, I'm not a fan of Starbucks. I've never really loved their coffee, but in a pinch, it will do. When I'm in one of those pinches, I usually order this delicious coffee that is something-something dolce latte or something. I never know the name. I just throw out "dolce latte" to them and they get it.

Well today they didn't have it. They've discontinued it. So I had to scramble and find another drink on the menu that I was willing to try. Found one, and as always, I asked them to leave a little room at the top, and top it off with some skim milk. Of course, they have to correct me and say "non-fat milk". Whatever. I need the non-fat milk in there to cool off the coffee. I don't like it hot, but I like it warm. Then they go into this long explanation about how they can actually make the drink cooler than the normal 160 degrees or someshit, 140 degrees, something. I'm in a hurry, so while this sounds like great customer service, it sounds like a big delay to me. "No, just please top it off with some non-fat milk and we're good."

They hand me my drink and somehow, in the trip the cup takes from the drive-thru window to my cup holder, some foamy milk stuff gets on my steering wheel, my hand and my jeans. I smeared it into the wheel, my hand and jeans, because I didn't have a napkin. I get to the office and as I'm walking in, I'm spilling this coffee all over my toes (wearing flip-flops, of course.)  How can Starbucks, the king of coffee, not have cups and lids that work the right way?  As in, keeping coffee and foamy stuff in the cup unless you've turned it up to drink it?

(I decided not to write about the conversation with the chick at the window who explained to me that she actually charged me for the wrong drink, which was cheaper, and she wasn't sure if she needed me to pay more…)

Anyway – it's been a rough morning. It's not really about the coffee. It's about not being able to find my 2004 W2, leaving the house much later than I wanted, the apartment being messy, not making it to the dry cleaners, needing to buy groceries, etc., etc., etc.

And, it's about paying as much for one cup of coffee as it costs to buy a bag of coffee beans which will last me a couple of weeks or so.