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Weekend Update
April 9, 2006, 11:35 pm
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This afternoon we put in another offer on a house. The dream house I spoke of before…not so much a dream house after all. Everything happens for a reason. As we were coming to the conclusion that House #1 wasn’t so great, I remembered a house we saw way back in round one of house hunting. We re-visited it. I locked my purse and camera inside of it. And we made an offer on it today.

I am superstitious. I’m not sure if I’ve ever written about that here, but I can tell you that as I’m typing, I’m wondering if this deal is going to fall through because I’m writing about it here…like I did with the last one.

Other than this stress, we’ve had a good weekend. Friday night I watched Todd and his brother play in a soccer game. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Todd play soccer, and surprise, surprise – he’s good. I wonder sometimes if he has any idea that I really don’t have one athletic bone in my body? I wonder if Todd will pack his things and leave us, when our children turn out to be as uncoordinated and un-sporty as their mom. I guess I’ll just keep crossing fingers, lighting candles and praying to J that it’s gonna be alright.

Saturday we looked at House #2, had some lunch, did some laundry, then met my family at Landry’s in the West End for dinner. This is the second annual “Wine Fest” train trip that my mom and sister have taken with their husbands (and about a quarter of the rest of my hometown) to the DFW area. By the time they get here and we finally meet up for dinner, they’re so wasted that dinner always proves to be quite entertaining. This year, no one fell asleep and a good time was had by all. I can’t wait to get back home next weekend to spend more time with them. Some sober, some not.

Today was business as usual – church, lunch and nap. Going to do some cooking later on. Maybe watch a movie. Eat the rest of my fingernails.


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