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Dating and such.
April 20, 2006, 6:44 pm
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I've never been so glad to be out of the dating scene. I have a friend who has a strange one on her hands, and I tell you what…She's much nicer than I would be, if I were in her situation. This guy makes these "gestures" which he thinks come across as nice, friendly overtures. He doesn't realize that his back-handed manipulation through these gestures is transparent to everyone. She has a boyfriend. A good one. And this guy just won't quit. He thinks he's making her squirm. But he's not. The joke is on him, and he has no idea.

I dated a psycho once. My games were more clever than his. And he retreated.

Marriage is bliss.

Now I'm completely obsessed with my 16 year-old cousin's relationship woes this week. Prom is Saturday night. Her boyfriend decided this week that he "needs some space" and the shit that he's giving her for reasons…is driving me crazy. I'm going crazy because (1) he has no idea how stupid he sounds, and (2) there's no way I can pour years and years of dating experience – ups and downs, learnings here and there – into her brain. I can't make her independent. I can't make her understand what small potatoes this is…that in a year she'll laugh about it. Ughh. I can't make her me, and I can't try to keep her from making the mistakes I made. She can't, by her own innocence and good decisions, die for my sins. Really, I'm not what good parents are made of. My children are going to be nuts.

I have no update on the house. All that work and running around, just to sit around and wait a couple of weeks to close? Give me the keys, I need to measure those counter tops. I need to remove the heinous wallpaper. I need to get moving. I need to be productive. I clearly need a distraction.


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dating? is that a game or something? i’ve never played before.

Comment by Sam

well you need to try that sam….

Comment by Mutha Deah

from the sounds of it…it doesn’t sound too fun. i think i’ll just stick to chess and checkers.

Comment by Sam

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