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Update, bor-ing
April 25, 2006, 8:06 pm
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House – final walk-through and closing on Friday morning. Then, the fun begins. While we don't have a lot of money to sink into the house now for updates, the things we cando will be fun – stripping wallpaper, new paint, tile, appliance shopping…I'm just ready to get those keys.  NOWWWWWW.

I'm still moderately obsessed with my cousin and her boyfriend situation. I've always thought her to be a very independent girl. Either she really doesn't see what everyone else sees…Or she sees it and decides she wants him anyway. I do not miss high school. At all. I think maybe she's done talking to me about it – I don't think she likes what I have to say.

My friend Mary was pointing out today at lunch how there are several people at our office who are either generally unhappy, unfriendly people…or they just don't like us. I think it's a combination of both. Our group has always been seen as "outsiders" to this company. We don't fit in, we're like square pegs around here. It's not as if this is a bad thing, though. It makes us a closer, tighter knit group. I like it. It's just like high school.

Other than that, I'm overwhelmed at work. Also, Todd starts a new job in a couple of weeks that is just minutes from my office. This means (a) we can have lunch together from time to time, and (b) it's just our luck that we're moving out of this area just as we're both working here!  Yay!  Perhaps we can commute together, if we share the same hours.

This weekend Todd lured Jack and I to go on a very long walk. A "big boy walk", as we explain it to Jack. All of us excited, we got on our shoes, grabbed the leash and set out for what I thought was going to be a walk around the apartment complex (it's a large complex). As we walked out of the complex, I asked Todd where we were going? "Just on this route I take when I run from time to time." Turns out, on this route we saw signs for a moving sale, so we walked into the deep abyss of a (very hilly) neighborhood in Valley Ranch, thousands of steps further and further away from our apartment. I was enjoying the walk…It was our effort to get home that killed me. Basically, I think it's uphill all ways. And, we walked in circles for a little while trying to find our way out of the neighborhood. I needed the exercise, badly. But Jack started to give out on us. So Todd had to carry him home. Per my insistence. Poor little thing.

We've scheduled our move for May 27. Any bets on whether or not I can wait that long?


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the time will fly with packing and painting and whatever you need to do! i am so excited for you…
and on the “dog note”…Jack could have probably walked all the way home…he’s a D.O.G. ! 😉

Comment by Mutha Deah

i grew up with a poodle (i know, shut up). i used to always feel bad taking her on long walks. you know, little dog, little legs. i felt like having legs 1/10th the size of mine must make it really hard for her to keep up.

and congrats. enjoy it. take before and after pictures.

Comment by amber

These are not in your post’s context here…but it’s funny to copy/paste the following two “clips” from your post:

>>> I do not miss high school. At all.
>>> I like it. It’s just like high school.

Good luck with everything. Hope all goes well. Tell Jack to toughen up (better yet, you LET Jack toughen up)

Comment by Sam

Uhhh…that was the point. Of the two high school comments. I made a funny.

Jack is my baby, and he doesn’t need to be tough.

Comment by leadballoon

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