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Case Closed
April 29, 2006, 2:33 am
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Well we closed on the house today. My sister told me I'd need a shot of tequila, my friends told me to prepare my hand and wrist for failing half way through…But it wasn't bad at all! I think we had such a great lender, realtor and escrow agent that things were actually kind of fun.

We started the morning off by doing our final walk through of the house at 10:00. When we got there, our realtor told us that the seller was leaving the lawn mower, leaf blower, electric hedge trimmer, and weed eater as his "gift" to us. Wow. It absolutely made our morning. So we treated ourselves to some fatty Local Diner breakfast and headed over to the title office for the closing at 11:30. It took a couple of hours for the funding to go through (that's no time at all) and we were able to pick the keys up around 3:00.

It was pouring down rain when we got to the house, so when Todd put me down after carrying me across the threshold, I almost slipped on the tile and broke my leg. Thankfully, we purchased "personal injury" protection on our insurance coverage.

Only one concern so far – there's some pooling of water on one side of the house that we noticed today during the rain. Otherwise, it looks the same it did the last five times we walked through it, minus the furniture.

You'd think I'd be relieved. And I am, a little bit. But now I've got an all new set of things to worry about. A list the size of I don't know what…and it keeps growing, and growing, and growing…It will be so much fun. We're excited. I feel like it's my birthday.


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I’m so excited for you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Comment by Mary


Comment by amber

That’s B-I-R-F-D-A-Y!
So glad it is finally done, now the fun begins.

Comment by Big Sis

“Lauri & Todd are in the hiz-ouse!!!!”

Comment by Sam

Congrats on a smooth closing!

Comment by jen

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Comment by Jackie

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