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May 1, 2006, 5:33 pm
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I should warn you, most posts from this point until the end of time will be about our new home and the improvements we're making to it. I just can't see how anything else can happen in my life when my every waking moment is devoted to and consumed by this project.

Saturday morning, we got up early with every intention of attending an 11:00 wedding at our church. We were immediately sidetracked by my throwing myself against the wall with anxiety to get over to the new house and get started on all the work we need to do to get it ready for our May move in. First, a stop at a huge neighborhood yard sale (85 families and we didn't find anything!), then to Home Depot where we got out of the car, rolled out our yoga mats, knelt in front of the building, and gave praise and thanks to the wood, tile and gadget gods to which we'd be tithing for the next five years. 

So we didn't go to that wedding.

Then we headed to the house. In total, this weekend we accomplished the following:

  • Stripped the wallpaper from the downstairs half bath
  • Caulked the master bedroom closet
  • Taped off the master bedroom for painting
  • Measured all floor and counter top surfaces for estimating updates

In my mind, this sounds like work that could be done in an afternoon. I must have a distorted perception of time…Or, I didn't factor in that there'd be a learning curve with every effort we take on. At this rate, I'm not sure there's going to be enough time to accomplish all we need to in the month we have before moving. There are two more bathrooms to strip, and they're much bigger than the half bath we stripped this weekend.

My friend Mary bought her first home a couple of months ago, and after she closed and was in the situation we're in now – facing a killer list of "to do's" – we all offered to help. We told her to call us and let us know when we could come over and help paint, hang doors, etc. I never could figure out why she didn't call us. Now I know. It just doesn't feel right to call up your friends and ask them to come over and make easier for you a task that you've willingly taken on for yourself. My priest said one time that pride works both ways – someone who takes pride in helping others is just as prideful as someone who can't ask for help. Interesting point.

I'm so proud of our house. I absolutely love that Todd and I are in this together – neither of us knows much, and it's quite comical. We look at each other and shrug when, as we're trying to remove wallpaper from the surface of the wall, we've chiseled into it so deep that we've exposed arteries and organs and blood beneath the surface. Before we do something, we just take a deep breath and say, "Well, we can't do anything that's not fixable, right?" and we keep on truckin'. It's fun.


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Just don’t chisel too far that Dr. Dan can’t make it all better. So…did the paper come off easy at all, in any places?

Comment by Big Sis

you know that all you have to do is call dr. dan, holly hobby or mike the mechanic….for any help…don’t be afraid to ask, because they will do their best to help…and i am not very good at much, but i can swing a paint brush any old time. i should say that holly hobby and dr. dan come highly recommended…the proof is in the picture – their home!

Comment by Mutha Deah

call me when y’all get the sledge-hammer out and need something bashed all to hell ; )

Comment by Sam

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