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May 23, 2006, 6:17 pm
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In our cube farm, there is a table which has about 30 celebrity-focused magazines on it for anyone to read. You know, People, Us, Star…That trash that none of us can get enough of. I think I've mentioned on this blog before that I love looking at the pictures in those magazines…I love knowing all about Gwyneth drinking a beer during pregnancy, Britney's weight gain, and anything on Prince William is worthy of my attention. I'm just interested. "Celebrity" works on me. And that sucks.

This week, though, my obsessions with it are about the family lives of these celebrities. People are either getting pregnant, getting married, or getting a divorce. The pregnancies are fun to read about, but the marriages and divorces are really just the same stories over and over again. You never read about marriages in Hollywood that last forever. There's always some sort of infidelity, a divorce, a break up, an ugly court battle. Who are Hollywood's longest married couples?

And when you go just a little further than looking at the pictures in these magazines and read about the splits, perhaps in the picture description area, you find out that each person is "really trying to keep their focus on the children's well-being at this point…" These poor kids. Already, they have a not-so-normal life. I wonder if divorce affects them like it does other kids? Like, "Sure my parents are getting a divorce, but my parents are Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora. That totally overrides any depression I might feel. My dad is a rock star. My mom is…Heather Locklear." Or something.

I'm sure they feel it. But the kids might not even know that their parents are living a different life than before, given that the parents aren't likely at home at the same time anyway…As long as they don't get a new nanny, I'm sure it's business as usual from that perspective.

Okay, that was a bad generalization.

I have to hope that when these couples decide to marry, that they're genuinely thinking to themselves, "I love this person, we can make this work." I hope they're hoping for the best. I hope it's not more like, "This will be so good for my publicity. If I push out a baby, even better. I'll get a little chiuauha also, to fit into my purse."

I won't go into the "celebrities and their dogs" thing.

I don't like it. Why do I keep looking at the magazines? The good news is, if I mention a celebrity's name to Todd and ask him if he knows of a certain break up or that someone got arrested for throwing a phone at a hotel employee, he just asks, "Who is that? What are you talking about?" He's clueless. And I like that.


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I’m all up in that celebrity shit, too; I can’t help it, and I’m not proud.

Comment by jen

oh hell it’s good entertainment! enjoy it.

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have been married a long time; almost 50 years. He’s THE MAN!

Comment by Mutha Deah

you have to take bold steps…like change the channel or not pick up the mags. i hate to admit it…but i get trapped on that stuff too (and hate myself for it while it’s happening). but i have also just turned it off and walked away (fighting the curiousity). i think maybe tom cruise threw me over the edge. not having tv has helped a lot too.

Comment by Sam

You’re about a foot or two taller than Tom Cruise. But he might could throw you – he’s very strong.

Comment by leadballoon

plus…i think Tom may be on OT III (Operating Thetan III) with the church of Scientology…i just can’t compete with that ; )

Comment by Sam

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