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Things I Don’t Recommend Doing. Or Things I Recommend Not Doing.
May 30, 2006, 9:45 pm
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1. Hiring "Starving Students" for your move.  Worked out well for my friend Mary, but not for me.

2. Adding up your Home Depot spending. It's just best not to know.

3. Taping before painting. Might seem like a good idea at first – but using a straight edge against the wall or object works out best. The tape ripped the fresh paint off our walls.

4. Removing a toilet. Just leave it where it is. It will never be the same afterwards.

5. Putting down new contact paper. This is a VERY frustrating thing to do if you have no patience.

6. Packing your panties and not setting that bag aside from the others. You need to be able to find these in a room full of 100 boxes.

That's it for now, just fresh on my mind this morning.


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Sounds like a tame move. Generally when I’m doing any work like that, Things Catch Fire.

Comment by fenster

Hey…what time zone is your blog set to? It is only 9:20 and your entry was supposed to be posted at 9:45. Man that’s weird!

Comment by Big Sis

i made my own list of six smart a$$ recommendations to counter your six above…but i’m thinking you probably don’t need to hear those at this point in time.

i guess when you buy a house and want to make a bunch of changes for your own taste…these things will occur…and you should expect and love the trial/error. (like a new puppy…you have to know it’s gonna sh#t on everything and tear stuff up…but you expect/love it ; )

Comment by Sam

1 – Shut up, Sam.
2 – HAM, I’m not sure about time settings, I don’t have time for that!

Comment by leadballoon

as OCD as she is…i am surprised she has not corrected this time thing also! ;)..kinda bugs me too! and i am NOT OCD….

Comment by Mutha Deah

I never look at the time.

Comment by leadballoon

At least it’s not a list of things you don’t recall doing or things you recollect not doing.

Comment by jen

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