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Off to New Orleans
June 16, 2006, 4:36 pm
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Todd and I are leaving at 6:30 am tomorrow morning with ten other people to head to New Orleans for a mission trip. We'll be there for a week, and have no idea what is in store for us. Literally, we have no idea.

The mission group we're using for this trip has been going to New Orleans for many years, and since Katrina, they aren't really able to organize a schedule for a mission trip. You just show up, and do what needs to be done. I can't tell you what this is doing to my need for control. There is no plan, there is no schedule, there is no itinerary. I am embracing this, and letting go. We do know where we're staying, and that there is running water and a comfortable place to sleep. That's more than I can say for our trip to Mexico two years ago, when Todd and I fell in love…When we found that we had so much in common…Including the inability to go #2 in a public restroom…Especially one where you can't flush the toilet paper.

So wish us good health and good weather, and an overall good experience. It doesn't hurt to go ahead and pray for good, healthy bowels, either. Peace be with all of you over the next week, I will update you on our trip when we return!


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So…are you packin’? And I don’t mean your suitcase! Be safe, that is a dangerous place.

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