Lead Balloon

July 13, 2006, 6:36 pm
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I am working from home again today.

Jack has been sleeping on the bed next to the desk where I am working.

Just now, he rolled completely off the bed in his sleep. Whack! on the floor.

I had noticed just moments earlier that he sure was sleeping close to the edge of the bed.

Bad mommy.


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i like to call it dps when referring to parker and cps when referring to the cats 🙂

Comment by amber

ha ha – that’s funny.
where are you, woman!

Comment by leadballoon

i really hate the smiley face. it’s creepy.

i’m around. i just overanalyze the cyberworld (as well as the uncyberworld), so i had to step away for a while.

between terri’s and my swings, we could go head to head with a menopausal woman.

it’s a wonder we’re single.

Comment by amber


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