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July 20, 2006, 4:07 am
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I’m in New York this week for work. I have flown into New York a few times for work in previous jobs and in my current job. I have never, however, been to New York City, just upstate and in other suburbs. One weekend I’d love to visit the city and see what all it has to offer, but for now, I’m stuck in another NY town, just visiting hospitals and chatting up my work and trying to sell some stuff.

The trip here, I was all the way in the back of the plane – row 31. Therefore, I was next to the (very busy) bathroom, and my view out the window was of that big jet looking thing that must power the airplane up into the air and whatever. If I turned my head just right, I could see out of a very narrow section of the window, past the jet thing. At one point, I woke up from my nap and thought, “We must be descending…I should open my shade, maybe I will see something interesting.”  I kid you not, as soon as I did, the Statue of Liberty crossed through the very narrow view I had out of the window. I have flown over it before. I’ve obviously never visited it. But the timing was so perfect that it made me smile.

Then I smiled again when I thought of the fact that my window seat, which I always request, had no view, the week after jumping out of a plane and drifting down to earth without wearing a seat belt with my chair in the upright position.

We had a 45 minute drive from LGA to the city where we are staying. It is truly amazing how beautiful the trees are in New York. There aren’t trees like this in Texas. They are gorgeous. When we arrived at our hotel, we checked in and headed up to our rooms. On the elevator I joked with Karen, my co-worker, that we must have the penthouse, because we were on the top floor. We go our separate ways and agree to meet in the hall to go down for dinner,. But Karen comes out of her room immediately and drags me inside to see. She literally has the penthouse. Her room is about 1,000 square feet (Correction, it’s 2,200 square feet – we checked – and mine is 900.) 2.5 bathrooms, a full kitchen, a formal dining area, two living room areas, a huge bedroom, and – this is the best part – a jacuzzi and a sauna. This isn’t, “I’m just a country girl and have never seen a nice hotel room” here, the bathroom is literally from MTV Cribs or something. (Is it Cribz? I don’t know.) Not like a bathroom sized jacuzzi, and not like a bathroom sized sauna. We’re talking GYM sized sauna and BACK YARD sized jacuzzi. In her room.

She’s taking a jacuzzi bath now, I’m hoping that she doesn’t drain the city of its water supply. At a minimum, I hope she saved some water for me.

The only thing my room’s got that hers hasn’t is a bidet. And working Internet access. 🙂

Happy hump day everyone. I’ll be back on Friday!


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my god, her suite is as big as my HOUSE!
how did she rate that? 🙂
you were both lucky, Mrs. L.

Comment by Mutha Deah

I’m eager for you to post so that I’ll see a new entry title. I keep misreading “Cribs.”

Comment by Jen

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