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August 2, 2006, 2:54 pm
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What’s up with the blogs lately? No one’s updating, there are no changes. Perhaps I’m having withdrawals. And the thing is, I can’t think of anything really interesting to write about right now.

One update in the Luckey household, we have pushed our “save the Earth” efforts forward at full speed after watching a Dateline special on Global Warming. We recorded it a month or so ago and have been meaning to watch it, but finally got around to it earlier this week. Sweet Jesus, people who don’t believe this is a real phenomenon are idiots. And people who don’t believe that their daily lives contribute substantially to Global Warming are also mildly retarded. When I say “people”, of course, I’m referring to people who have heard the evidence and still hold on to their non-belief.

The guilt is eating us alive. We haven’t even driven my SUV since we saw the episode. We carpool to work, which is nice on many levels. I’m sure I’ll use my car again, we’re not that extreme, but it certainly makes sense to use Todd’s smaller, more gas efficient car when we can.

And while we’ve always recycled, I’ve been guilty of being a lazy recycler. So what if I don’t take my receipts or that tiny ricotta cheese container out to the recycling bin? Not anymore. I’m afraid that the Recycle Monster will come out of the garage, grab my debris and eat me alive. That Recycle Monster is my husband.

Speaking of monster, he also keeps the house and the car a lot warmer than usual. Again, I’m on board with this. I am. But he needs to understand that while he is decreasing the amount of carbon that we’re releasing into the air, he might need to start saving money for that big divorce he’s going to need in a few years. Kidding. KIDDING!

Another big deal in our house this week – it’s Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. I’m sure you’re watching it, too. As my friend Mary pointed out, it is just another excuse not to get into a swimsuit in public anymore.

That’s all I’ve got. Well, that, and I don’t understand adults who have obsessions with cartoon characters like Tweety Bird. Like, decorating their cars with them, or getting tattoos of them. That’s weird to me. If you’ve got one, I’m sorry.


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it’s the “dog days” of summer; too damn hot to want to do anything except try to stay cool and sane. the weather has so much to do w/ our mood, tempers, etc…good for you on recycling, etc. i should do the same. but now, the hormone lady has to have the a/c cool. remember what your dad said, if you keep it a certain temp, especially in the hot summer, it’s only going to cool so much, and if you keep it too high, it’s going to run that much more to keep up. our’s is on 73; therefore, it will stop and just run the “fan” part once it reaches the temp set on…now wasn’t that good information! 🙂 STAY COOL!

Comment by Mutha Deah

Good lord, ours sits between 78-80! And it’s really not that warm. Only when we get home. We’re comfortable like that at night and in the mornings, though for sure. 73!?!?

Take your hormones.

Comment by Lauri

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