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Insane in the Membrane
August 8, 2006, 1:29 pm
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No, they’re not ours.  Not yet.  And we’re not getting both of them. I promise. I swear.


I’ve been watching this Westie rescue site for months. MONTHS. And these babies showed up yesterday…I filled out the application, signing in blood that we would never leave the dog’s side as long as we both shall live and all that jazz. Faxed it in. Immediately, we had an appointment to have a little “meet and greet” with the puppies, Jack and us.

We’re going on Thursday.

What do you think the chances are that we will leave without one?


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>>>Westie rescue??? Don’t people pay money for those dogs? Do you pay money to take them from a “rescue”?

Comment by Sam

You pay for their veterinary care thus far (spay/neutering, shots, etc.)

And yes, some people pay big bucks for them from a breeder – because they want the papers, to know the bloodline, etc.

Comment by leadballoon

if you have them neutered, what difference does it make about the papers??? you’re there to love and enjoy the dog.

Comment by mutha deah

PS…i think one dog is plenty…but that’s a mutha’s opinion.

Comment by mutha deah

Oh Lauri,
Remember that one day you DO want children. Plan for the future.
Cuties though.

Comment by Big Sis

look how much they love one another! how could you not take both?!?!


Comment by amber

those are a couple of cuties. just wish they didn’t sh#t and tear up sh#t ; )

Comment by Sam

They can sh#t where they want. They are precious.

Comment by leadballoon

yep…when you are side tracking all the sh##, let’s see how you feel then, AUNT LANI~ 😉

Comment by mutha deah

How precious! Maybe you’ll come home with two dogs (for three total)!

Comment by jessie

jessie and amber are helping you out so much here! 😉

Comment by mutha deah

I have to say, as cute as they are and even with my initial feeling even I would adopt them (bringing my dog total to four), your sister has a point. Not all dogs adapt to babies that well. My cat certainly did not, and I hated having to give her up. It could be a heart breaking situation all around, my dear.

And to Amber’s point, they do look so in love with one another. How could you split them?

Comment by Jen

Well we visited the puppies last night. Given what you all know about my heightened olfactory senses – the place smelled so bad. Even more of a reason to adopt, I know, but it was really a distraction. UGHH. So bad.

Our next steps are:
1 – To Jen and Mom’s point – think this through 100%
2 – Ask them to bring the puppies to our house for observation – Jack went with us last night and he was acting really strange in that very strange place with very strange smells

We just can’t take two. But those babies are precious. Even if they were really dirty and smelly.

Comment by leadballoon

I just got a baby westie pup. They are sooo cute!

Comment by Cara

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