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August 17, 2006, 4:14 pm
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This weekend is the Dave Matthews Band concert in Dallas. We are going on Saturday, and I’m finally seeing through the work haze to get excited about it. I told Todd this morning that I had almost forgotten about it because this is the first year that he, Sam and I have not traveled to see one of his shows. The first one we attended together was in California, last year we went to San Antonio. Staying in Dallas this year.

Todd and I have been carpooling to work, Woodhead-style. And I’ve been loving it, given how I hate cars and driving, and there’s also the fact that I get to ride with Todd. This morning, we were discussing our Top 5 Favorite DMB songs. Mine are as follows:

1. Don’t Drink the Water

2. Two Step

3. Grey Street

4. Spoon

5. Last Stop

Since my Number One is “Don’t Drink the Water”, I thought I should post the lyrics here. It’s good to read through these from time to time. Have a great day, peeps.

Come out, come out, no use in hiding.
Come out, come out, can you not see
There’s no place here, what were you expecting?
No room for both, just room for me.
So you will lay your arms down,
Yes, I will call this home.

Away, away, you have been banished.
Your land is gone, and given to me.
And here I will spread my wings.
Yes, I will call this home.

What’s this you say, you feel a right to remain?
Then stay and I will bury you.
What’s that you say, your father’s spirit still lives in this place?
Well, I will silence you.

Here’s the hitch, your horse is leaving.
Don’t miss your boat, it’s leaving now.
And as you go I will spread my wings.
Yes, I will call this home.

I have no time to justify to you,
Fool, you’re blind, move aside for me.

All I can say to you my new neighbor,
You must move on or I will bury you.

Now as I rest my feet by this fire
Those hands once warmed here, but I have retired them.
I can breathe my own air and I can sleep more soundly
Upon these poor souls,
I’ll build heaven and call it home.
Cause you’re all dead now.

And I live with my justice
And I live with my greed in me
I live with no mercy
And I live with my frenzied feet
And I live with my hatred
And I live with my jealousy
I live with the notion that I don’t need anyone but me

Don’t drink the water
Don’t drink the water
There’s blood in the water
Don’t drink the water


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That is a biohazard (blood in the water). I don’t like that song.

Comment by Big Sis

Biohazard for sure.

Comment by leadballoon

“the white man” being the cause of the biohazard.

i’m ready like eddie for the show Sat ; )

Comment by Sam

damn “dark” song to me…i don’t care for the words at all.

Comment by mutha deah

LOL – Well, they’re not supposed to make you feel good. That’s the point.

Comment by leadballoon

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