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August 18, 2006, 5:49 pm
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Today I got an email from “CNN Breaking News”, more information about the JonBenet Ramsay case. I didn’t follow this case ten years ago, and have obviously not kept up with it since then. But today I clicked on that CNN link and stumbled across tons of information. The ransom note, how this suspect has spent his last ten years, a timeline of the case. Anything you want to know, just click around and you’ll find it. Or turn on a TV or a radio. It’s amazing how the media can shift gears so quickly.

But, you’ll be absolutely disgusted. Ignorance is bliss, people. It’s absolutely devastating. And I have to admit, extremely intriguing. The mystery of it all is very thought-provoking. I have a real desire, now, to see this thing come to a close, to see some resolution. What was my life like before ten minutes ago when I clicked on that link?

It’s Friday. Everyone enjoy your weekend. But before you do, please go check out dooce.com and see how other people’s spare time is spent brewing up the energy to send her hate mail about her Web site. FREAKS!


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i’ve read a bit on this the past couple of days too. that guy is kinda freaky…maybe freaky enough to be full of it. from what i’ve read there was some DNA in the little girl’s fingernails & elsewhere…so they should be able to run a test with his DNA & answer that.

Comment by Sam

i don’t think he did it…he’s enjoying the celebrity of it all. DNA will tell us if it was him.

Comment by mutha deah

I heard an interview with the father, and he said that they were following this guy for a while (even while Patsy Ramsey was still alive). So maybe they do have enough on him. It’s good to have closure I guess.

Comment by Big Sis

did y’all see this guy’s red shirt/black tie on his flight to LA? a black bow-tie would have been the better choice for freakiness sake ; ) – he even changed out of that garb on the flight and then back into that garb before they landed.

Comment by Sam

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