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September 26, 2006, 1:59 pm
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On one hand, I’d like for the weather to make up its mind – cold or warm, cold or warm?

On the other hand, I like the variety.  I like how cold it is in the morning, and I love the temperatures in the evening. What happens during the day is really irrelevant, as I’m stuck behind a desk in an office with my space heater on.

Today, I am wearing a sweater. And flip flops.  Just seems strange. Then again, I wear flip flops almost 365 days a year. So maybe it’s not so strange.


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we’ve outlawed flip-flops here where i work (not even on casual-Fridays). this has produced some interesting debates between management and staff on “what” exactly defines a flip-fop vs a sandal ; )

Comment by Sam

when i wear my $24 flip flops….i get some looks; it’s probably not acceptable, but no one has said anything…yet. i would say there’s quite a difference in “casual” between flip flops and a nice sandal.

Comment by mutha deah

PS…I am sure that the reason for “outlawing” them is because of safety measures…(lawsuits and a trip to the ER, with the company being responsible of cours)…stumping toes, cutting them on something, etc.

Comment by mutha deah

no, we’re just all classy and professional up here ; )

Comment by Sam

you got it, sam.

Comment by mutha deah

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