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Coffee Consumption
October 17, 2006, 12:58 am
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This weekend, Todd and I bought a dining room table and chairs, and I LOVE them. We’ve been shopping for a table for a while now – when we’d find “just the right one”, it’d be way too expensive. Then we’d find one that “would do”, and I wouldn’t love it. When I’d just about settled on one, and I use “settled” in several contexts there, we decided to go to just a few more stores, and we stumbled across the perfect table. It’s beautiful, made of teak and with beautiful carvings. It’s really “us”, and we love it. We’re not formal, fancy furniture type of folks. We like things rustic and old and beat up a little bit. Character – even if it’s man-made character. We’re willing to admit that.

While we were out shopping, I remembered something that I’ve wanted to rant about on this blog but have never remembered to: teenagers drinking coffee. I can remember when I was a little girl and wanting to drink coffee like my parents and my grandmother. My grandmother would make a pot of coffee and pour it into my tea set and let me “have coffee” with her in the afternoon. On one occasion, I also ate one of her cigarettes – I guess one can want to be grown up a little too much, too soon. The funniest part of that story is that the family actually caught the consumption of the cigarette on video…meaning they didn’t stop me. Let me do it, for some good video action. Thank God their instincts were to take the fingernail polish remover away from me as I was gulping it down instead of rummaging through a closet for the video camera, God only knows what kind of problems I’d have today if I’d consumed all of it. It was pink. And pretty.  Or was that Holly that did that?  Can’t remember.

Anyway – my point is that past childhood, it never occurred to me to get into the kitchen and make a pot of coffee until I was in college and needed it in order to stay up all night to study for an exam or to dance the night away, partying like it was 1999. So I saw all of these teenagers with their Starbucks, middle of the day, and I’m wondering, “Would I have drank coffee if there was a Starbucks around? Does the fact that you can’t pick up a People or Usmagazine without seeing a movie star with a Starbucks cup in hand contribute to the coffee consumption of the teen-aged population?”

I have no idea what the long-term effects are of drinking coffee, or if there will be a correlation to any future widespread health problems of future 50 year-olds for their early adaption of the coffee habit. But it makes me wonder.

Mostly, I’m intrigued by fads. How we succumb to them.  I wonder if these kids ever do head into their parents’ kitchen and make themselves a pot of coffee because they like it, or if they just like it when it comes in a cup with a fancy sleeve and all kinds of Sharpie-marker chicken scratch on the side of it.

I, for one, hate Starbucks coffee. It’s just a personal preference. I find it bitter – and generally too strong. When we run out of coffee and have to run through a Starbucks drive-through (which is insanely convenient) in order to get our “fix” I find myself frustrated because I couldn’t pull it together enough to get my ass to the grocery store to buy my grocery store grade coffee.

It’s such a fad to rant about Starbucks.


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From a man who lives above a coffee house(not a Starbucks) I can say that I’m not sure if the teens frequent the place for the coffee vs it just being a chilled-out place to hang w/ friends. These kids can’t go out to clubs & drink alcohol…and the library smells of mothballs. A Starbucks was doing some surveying in the town…but they’ll never open one there…cuz they can’t compete with MY coffee shop…and I’m pretty sure it ain’t about the coffee. The StarBuck’s fad ain’t strong enough to move in…yet.

Comment by Sam

Well I love everything about a cup of Starbucks coffee. I guess your dad “marked” me with a love for strong coffee, him being a cajun/coonass. I love the way the coffee aftertaste is in my mouth after swallowing a sip of Starbucks…it’s almost indescribable. Our coffee house here has excellent coffee also. and it’s strong too.
Yes, for some, I am sure that Starbucks a “status symbol”, but for me, it’s the best of the best.

Comment by Mutha Deah

Sam, they’re walking around malls and such with the ‘Bucks. Not hanging out in the actual store.

Comment by Lauri

Well MY coffee shop is not a “Bucks” and my point was that the Starbucks fad is not strong enough to take any business away from the coolness of MY coffee shop…they’re scared to build one here. It was a victory story…victory over Starbucks!!! @#$% ’em in the Latte 😉

Comment by Sam

I will also note that some of the business from teenagers @ MY c-shop is probably due to the coffee-fad spurred by Starbucks…so thanks for that Starbucks…but we’ve converted them 😉

Comment by Sam

I would say that Sam likes his coffee shop

Comment by Mutha Deah

“like” is not a strong enough word 😉

Comment by Sam

“like” is not a strong enough word…that was full of passion 😉

Comment by Sam

You, too, ate a cigarette as a small child? My sista.

Comment by Jen

Yep. I could show you the video some time, if you want. But you’ll need a 35MM projector.

Comment by LB

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