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Tree pictures
November 27, 2006, 5:50 pm
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Below are some pictures of the tree…which, of course, really don’t do it justice. The lights and ornaments look blue and purple…but they’re not.¬† And the gold bird looks glittery? But it’s not. Ya’ll will just have to come over to see it. ūüôā







Decking the Luckey House
November 26, 2006, 3:37 am
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We had a great Thanksgiving, I hope that you and yours did as well.

I’ve never been shopping on the day after Thanksgiving…and I didn’t go this year, either. I did, however, make it to the beginning of the Garden Ridge sale which started on Thanksgiving, and will last, non-stop, until midnight on Sunday.¬†After dinner and some Gray’s Anatomy action,¬†my mother-in-law and I went to Garden Ridge and I came home with a Christmas tree and tons of decorations. Most of it was 50% off! When we arrived at the store, it was a zoo. Thousands of people were there, and I kept thinking to myself, “Why¬†the hell am I doing this, again??” I found out today (Saturday) why it was a good idea to go that evening, as Todd and I went tonight for hooks for the ornaments (which they did not have) and saw what were, only two days ago,¬†long aisles of color coordinated tree ornaments, now just picked over useless crap that no one wants on¬†his or her tree. Unless he or she has bad taste. And wants a tree decorated like a casino. Literally – dice, cards and the such. Hey – to each his own. But I can’t get on board with that nonsense.

So this is our first Christmas in our new home, and I decided we needed a full-sized tree. In the apartment there wasn’t room for one, so we had a tiny, tasteful one. But this year¬†I made a space in our living room for one and was just dreaming about all that it could be. But when we walked into that store on Thursday, I became instantly anxious. Not anxious in a good way. More like a sweaty and overwhelmed type of anxiety. There were so many “themes” to choose from, and nothing was sitting right with me. Red and green? Gold or silver? Shiny? Matte? Santas or candy canes? I perused for a little while and finally decided on a theme that really reflects who Todd and I are. We’re mono-chromatic. We’re a little earthy. We’re simple. We’re green.

So now we have a tree decorated with green ornaments. They’re a beautiful shade of green – some are a deep, dark sage green, and the others are a lighter shade of sage green. They really are beautiful – all matte and rich looking. Of course, you can’t see them on the tree very well, so we added a bunch of gold ornaments to kick it up a notch.

And birds.The tree is full of birds. Gold ones, green ones…there are four cardinals, the only splash of non-green and non-gold color. There are green butterfiles. And the really eye catching touches are the green and gold glittery snowflakes and the long plastic icicles with a hint of green that dangle all around and catch the light just right.

We really like our tree. It’s different. Non-traditional from a “Christmas tree” perspective, but actually pretty darned¬†realistic if you think about it – given that birds live in trees. Though they don’t typically live in a tree with green and gold balls, something tells me that if they had a choice, they would.

Now, we just wait and see if Lily gets the urge to catch and eat any of those birds.

We also bought lights for the house, outside. I sat here at the desk the other day and watched out the window as the neighbors across the street decorated the outside of their house. It’s outrageous. White icicle lights from the roof.¬†Multi-colored lights around the two garage doors and lining one side of the driveway and the sidewalk. A huge inflatable Santa. Rainbow lights on the tree trunk. One of those spiral-light-cone tree things¬†in the yard area. And along the other side of the driveway and yard, loopty-loop red lights that run and twinkle really fast. It’s a regular Griswald family¬†Christmas over there – I’d take a picture but it just wouldn’t do it justice because you wouldn’t be able to see the lights moving. It has a dizzying effect. Immediately, I felt challenged.

We bought lights for outside, but I’m not certain we got the right kind. Well, they’re white (clear) and not twinkly in any way, so I know they’re at least in the right category. We’ve got to work on that tomorrow. Lots of planning and strategizing ahead of us. Todd’s just excited because it’s an excuse to get on the roof.

Tomorrow is the last day of the long holiday weekend, I hope you get to spend it just the way you want to. And if you have nothing to do, come on over, we need some help showing up the neighbors in the outdoor decorating contest that doesn’t exist. That is, after all, what the holidays are all about, right?¬† ūüôā

November 15, 2006, 7:24 pm
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I think that just about every time I have to go see an eye doctor, I come back with a post about the drama that is my vision. I’ve got larger than life pupils. I’ve got thin corneas. I’ve got pingueculas. I can’t wear glasses full-strength anymore.¬† Two doctors have asked if I use recreational drugs on a regular basis. I can’t even be corrected to 20/20 anymore. All this drama.

On Sunday night, I diagnosed myself with pink eye. I was showing the classic symptoms – my eye was really, really red, and there was a bit of a mucus discharge.¬† (I hate those two words, especially when used¬†together.) So I went home and rummaged through the medicine cabinet and found some prescription drops for pink eye that weren’t expired. I know they were for pink eye, because scribbled on the side of the bottle was, “for pink eye”. I’m not sure whose handwriting it was, or where they came from. But if memory serves me right, I think they might be my brother-in-law’s. The point is, they weren’t expired and I was ready not only to self-diagnose myself, but I was armed to self-prescribe and medicate.

So since Sunday night, I’ve been using the drops. Every four hours (I know the dosage because I looked online.) And I’ve been wearing my glasses 24/7. This is a real issue, given the the prescription in my glasses is 8 years old. They’re not only “not beautiful” but they’re not strong enough and make me dizzy to wear them. It’s miserable, I tell you. Last night, I realized that my symptoms weren’t really going away, if anything, they were getting worse. And now new symptoms were appearing – my eye was less itchy and now more scratchy. And it hurt a little bit.

I panicked – because I have to leave for Kansas tomorrow to do a presentation on Friday morning. There’s no way I can do it in these glasses. And, of course, due to my severe case of hypochondria, I thought I might also go blind by then.

So I got online to try to find my eye doctor’s number. Apparently, she’s disappeared. Vanished. I can’t find her information anywhere. Maybe she lost her license? Maybe she never was a real doctor… While I’m searching the Internet, my friend Mark chimes into AIM. Mark is an optometrist. Good timing. I start asking him twenty questions. I let him know about my self-diagnosis and self-medicating…He’s not surprised. He offered to see me first thing this morning.

Turns out I’ve got an ulcer on my cornea. Great. I spend my days dizzy and shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of a vehicle. Please send good vibes toward my left cornea.

Calling it Quits
November 13, 2006, 7:28 pm
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I submitted my resignation to my current employer last Friday. My last day here will be November 24, the day following Thanksgiving. I can’t even begin to try to explain here how all of this went down, this job change. It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure. A learning experience.¬†Even on the day of my resignation, things were changing. Options were changing. Now I barely even know what my new job will look like, given the incestuous nature of the work I do. There’s a really good chance that I’ll be working with most of my team again, which is nice. But there’s also the chance that I won’t, and that’s also new and good and exciting as well, doing all new things.

So that’s it on the work front. I quit. I wait. I have no idea what’s next.

Otherwise, I have pink eye. My house needs to be cleaned. I learned this weekend that mayonnaise on a teak table (any wood, for that matter) will remove a water or steam spot. I can’t wait until tomorrow when the new Damien Rice album comes out. And I’m not going to my hometown for Thanksgiving this year, the first year since I left home back in 1998. I’ll miss that – but have to do what I have to do.

I’m taking my cat, Lily,¬†to the vet in a couple of weeks to get her up-to-date on her vaccines and to have her sedated so that they can shave her. She’s got matted¬†hair¬†all over, and she will NOT let us comb or cut them out. It just got really bad all of a sudden.¬†She’s going to hate me when she gets home. And I can’t wait to see the look on Jack’s face.

I’m so happy for Jessie¬†and Barry and their big move. I just love reading her blog now, not that I didn’t love it before…but what an adventure!¬† Best wishes, guys.