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Calling it Quits
November 13, 2006, 7:28 pm
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I submitted my resignation to my current employer last Friday. My last day here will be November 24, the day following Thanksgiving. I can’t even begin to try to explain here how all of this went down, this job change. It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure. A learning experience. Even on the day of my resignation, things were changing. Options were changing. Now I barely even know what my new job will look like, given the incestuous nature of the work I do. There’s a really good chance that I’ll be working with most of my team again, which is nice. But there’s also the chance that I won’t, and that’s also new and good and exciting as well, doing all new things.

So that’s it on the work front. I quit. I wait. I have no idea what’s next.

Otherwise, I have pink eye. My house needs to be cleaned. I learned this weekend that mayonnaise on a teak table (any wood, for that matter) will remove a water or steam spot. I can’t wait until tomorrow when the new Damien Rice album comes out. And I’m not going to my hometown for Thanksgiving this year, the first year since I left home back in 1998. I’ll miss that – but have to do what I have to do.

I’m taking my cat, Lily, to the vet in a couple of weeks to get her up-to-date on her vaccines and to have her sedated so that they can shave her. She’s got matted hair all over, and she will NOT let us comb or cut them out. It just got really bad all of a sudden. She’s going to hate me when she gets home. And I can’t wait to see the look on Jack’s face.

I’m so happy for Jessie and Barry and their big move. I just love reading her blog now, not that I didn’t love it before…but what an adventure!  Best wishes, guys.


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>>>since I left home back in 1998

are you calling college home in this sense?

Comment by Sam

Oh yeah…since I left home back in 1994. Jesus, time flies.

Comment by LB

Hey! Thanks for the happiness! We’re doing great and loving it here.

You never know, Lily might just love her haircut. I was so worried the first time we got Finn shaved. I thought she would hate me and melt into a deep kitty depression. Turns out she loves her haircuts and walks around like she’s “fancy”.

Congrats on the job change! Are you taking some time off between jobs? I think you should!

Comment by Jessie

“here’s your one chance Fancy don’t let me down”

Comment by Sam

“You know I might have been born just plain white trash, but Fancy was my name!”

Comment by LB

i saw a lady at the gas station yesterday with a Reba tour t-shirt and that song came into my head. i came back to work and looked up the lyrics. then this morning i see Jessie’s “fancy” comment so…i just couldn’t help myself. nice come-back though…that made me laugh

Comment by Sam

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