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January 3, 2007, 4:18 pm
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As part of an ongoing effort to switch out our kitchen from old white appliances to stainless steel, Todd installed our new sink and faucet this weekend. You can see from the pictures below that we’re dealing with quite a few competing colors and, quite frankly, bad taste in decor, as we move forward with the kitchen remodeling. Ugly gray linoleum on the floors, very light wood cabinets that weren’t contrasted well with a nice countertop – it’s white also. And then there’s the random teal green tile on the island. Really – it’s a color palette of gray, white, teal and some strange color on the walls – painted wallpaper, of course. Words can’t explain how far down on the list a “gray, teal, white” combo would be on my list of choices for a kitchen.

Here is the nasty, stained sink before (no amount of bleach would clean it, I tried.):

Even better, the previous owners let a leak under the sink go for what appears to be years – the cabinet floor beneath the sink was mildewed and the smell was appetizing, to say the least:

This is the sink work in progress. This shot gives you a good idea of all the competing colors in the kitchen, but you can see by the number of coffee cups next to the sink the number of days it took to rip it out – two:

And finally, the finished sink and faucet. Again, please excuse the dirty dishes, those were promptly washed in the new sink and placed into the dishwasher – a christening, if you will.

I thought this would be a four-day process, but Todd knocked it out in two. Such a handy man, he is. I’ve never been so excited to do dishes in my life.


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I changed out my appliances to stainless steel, and I LOVE THEM. Go Todd!

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