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Food is my friend.
January 16, 2007, 2:43 pm
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I noticed on Windfall Woman’s site, she listed her top 25 favorite foods. I can’t think of 25, but I was considering making a post about the great dinner I made last night, so I’ll give you my list and my recipe, all in one post. Delish.

I’d decided that since I’m working from home it makes sense to dust off the crock pot and start dinner early in the day so that it’s ready by dinner time – cuts down on the mad rush to get dinner cooked and in front of the TV before any of our shows begin. We have a delightful kitchen table and a beautiful new dining room table, but mostly those pieces just gather stray, homeless remnants of our belongings. Our TV trays are really our favorite pieces of furniture.

So I asked my mom and my aunt to send me all of their crock pot recipes. Really, the crock pot is a spectacular piece of cooking equipment. I don’t think it gets the attention or fame and glory that it deserves. So they emailed and mailed me some great recipes, the first of which I tried last night. The recipe is below:

Crock Pot Angel Chicken
6-8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (I only used three large)
1/2 cup butter
1 pkg. dry Italian salad dressing mix
1 can golden mushroom soup (find a low sodium version – this, with the dressing mix, made it a bit salty)
1/2 cup white wine
4 oz. onion & chive cream cheese (I don’t think they make a low-fat version of this)
I added mushrooms – because I like them in everything.

1. Place the chicken breasts in the crock pot
2. Melt butter in saucepan
3. In saucepan, stir in the dressing mix, soup, wine and cream cheese
4. When combined, pour over chicken
5. Cook on low for 4-5 hours

It says to serve it with angel hair pasta (hence the name, “Angel Chicken”) but we used a florentine fettucine. We served it with some spinach that I sauteed with garlic and onion and it was a delicious meal! The one bad thing about the crock pot is that if you’re home, you smell dinner cooking all day. And therefore, you’re hungry all day long.

Okay, so now to my favorite foods…It’s difficult to make a list, because my cravings come and go. I went through a period of time where I wanted avocadoes on everything. Not so much anymore. So this list is transient for sure. You’ll see that I grew up in the south – and that I like some good home cooking. I should qualify that while some of these foods are my favorites, I try not to partake on a regular basis. Just special occasions. šŸ™‚ Some good restaurant referrals in here as well. Might see some royalties from this, you never know. At least a gift card.

1. Mom’s chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes.
2. Thanksgiving dinner – made mama-style. Complete with her homemade yeast rolls. Delish!
3. Breakfast. Anywhere, any time of day. I love an egg.
4. Bonsai Sushi, in Lewisville – They have a great menu, but their fried rice that they mix for you at the table…divine.
5. Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill – Sweet Jesus this is the best food in Dallas. Their Baba Ghanouge should win awards. I want to lather it onto my body, or in the least, roll in it.
6. Fireside Pies – You must try their Fireside Cheese salad. And order the Balsamic Roasted Chicken pizza. Get there before 5 pm, or you’re waiting hours for a table.
7. All hail to the Luby’s LuAnn platter. Fried fish, mashed potatoes, fried okra. For some strange reason, I crave chocolate milk when I’m at Luby’s. And what goes better with fried fish than chocolate milk?
8. Simply Fondue – I should have placed this at the top. We get something different here every time, but always love it. Salad, cheese, and dessert courses only. There’s no need to waste time and stomach space on the meat course. The dessert course (chocolate) is yet another food that I’d like to shellac to my body.
9. Eggplant Parmesean – I’ve had this at many places and can’t put my finger on where I liked it best. Probably at Buca di Beppo. But I made it at home once and thought it was pretty damned good, if I should say so myself.
10. Jason’s Deli salad bar. I could literally eat my weight in this salad bar. I don’t worry about the sneeze guard or other people’s grimy fingers having touched my tomatoes. I love it. But the big treat here is the tuna/edamame/penne pasta salad. I’ve tried to re-create this one and cannot.
11. My Ganga’s English pea salad.
12. My cousin makes two appetizers that are to die for – a warm artichoke/green chili dip and a crab fondue. Mmmmm…
13. Finally, just crab. Crab legs, to be specific. Big, succulent, juicy, sweet crab legs. And if you’re at Red Lobster partaking, then pile on those cheddar biscuits. Oh good Lord.

I’m going downstairs now to make myself a toasted English muffin with peanut butter. That’s another staple – although not worthy of the list. Happy eating, everyone!


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mom’s chicken fried steak IS pretty damned good. but a few years back i replaced my “fav” w/ the pork tenderloin she cooks-up. oh heaven!!!

Comment by sam

I feel bad, have I ever cooked anything for you that is “to doe for”? I must brush up on that.

Comment by Big Sis

I was so happy to open your blog, and find this post. I have recently fallen in love with my crock pot (I bought it for myself with Christmas gift certificates).

My most recent favorite thing is Pozole. Give it a try, it is mmmm mmmmm good! (Here is the recipe I used, but I’m sure others are just a yummy)


Comment by amber

Big Sis – don’t feel bad. You can cook for me any time.

Amber – that sounds delicious!

Comment by leadballoon

First, I love how that crockpot Chicken recipe sounds. Jason’s Deli is great too. I love their baked potatoes! YUM.

Comment by Windfall Woman

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