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January 16, 2007, 9:23 pm
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I’m doing some laundry.

I’ve cleaned up my blog listing – some of you guys haven’t updated your blogs in years, so given my issues with compulsions…let’s just say that I had to delete you for a bit. Let me know when you’re back. 🙂 And with Sam’s permission, I’ve added a link to his site as well. So, things are all cleaned up now. Serenity…

My questions for you about laundry:
Do you fill up the washing machine with water and soap first, then add the clothes?
Do you put the clothes in first?
If you put the clothes in first, do you add the soap immediately, or after it has filled up with water?


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i fill my machine up with clothes (it walks so this takes skill to get it all to balance out just right for the wash-ride). i then pour the liquid detergent all over the clothes, turn the water on, and use that running water to wash out the residue that is left in the lid.

Comment by Sam

I turn on the water (I only use cold), add the detergent and let it mix with the water, then fill the washer with clothes (all different colors together) while the water continues to fill the washer. For more elaborate instructions visit this link


Comment by TL

Mine has a dispenser for soap and softener. So the clothes go in, the washer weighs them and adjusts the water level accordingly. Then, the smallest amount of water mixes with the detergent and when they spin, they are almost dry already. These new energy efficient models are pretty cool. My drier rarely runs over 24 minutes except when drying a load of jeans.

Comment by Big Sis

Sam does his like me, and I’d venture to bet that before Big Sis got her fancy schmancy one, she also did it my way. All taught by our mother. Who wasn’t big on separating colors…but the clothes did get clean.

We have a friend whose father is a washer/dryer repair man. Or was. Anyway, he said that softener (liquid in the washer or the sheets in the dryer) are the absolute WORST thing you can do to your washer and dryer.

Comment by leadballoon

Personally, I start the water, then add the soap. Then add the clothes. Just makes sense in my crazy head that way.

Comment by Mary

I think adding the water first gives you a false sense of how much laundry should go in. The water compresses the load, you see. So if clothes are in first…then you know whether or not you have too many. That’s my theory.

Comment by leadballoon

I can’t believe it, but I actually READ the directions with my washer. It called for detergent first, then SOME water to mix it. Then load the clothes. I do great laundry. Every one says so. LOL.

Comment by Windfall Woman

Phew, I was worried I had been deleted—I haven’t been updating my blog much lately.

Anywho, with our current washer and dryer (that came with this rented town house) I put the clothes in turn the water on and dump in the soap. If I try to let it fill up with water first, I’ll totally forget about ever adding the soap and it’ll never get washed.

With our super rad most awesome washer and dryer that currently sit in our garage…there are special dispensers for any type of liquid you could think of. You just put the clothes in, fill up any dispenser you want (bleach, detergent, softener, etc) and the machine dispensed it all at the right times. Oh how I miss using those machines.

Comment by Jessie

That’s exactly it. I cannot wait for the machine to fill up with water before taking action. It all has to happen in one step or it doesn’t happen at all.

Comment by leadballoon

It’s pretty much one step for me, as well, but in this order:
Water on
Soap in
Clothes in
Close lid

Comment by Jen

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