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Kid food.
February 2, 2007, 12:24 pm
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Do you have any of those foods that you ate as a child that you still really love? No matter how unhealthy they are, at any point in the day they still sound good to you? For me, it’s Macaroni and Cheese, and Beanie Weenies. Yesterday and today for lunch I had Mac-n-Cheese, and today I was daydreaming about Beanie Weenies.


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Starches, ummmmm good! Beanie Weenies remind me of Mrs. Renshaw. Mac and cheese is best when you use the powder kind for some weird “single & living on a budget reason”, UNLESS Aunt B is making it homemade.

Comment by Big Sis

remember when i used to eat those frozen glazed microwavable donuts straight out of the box while they were still frozen. that makes me cringe today…but they were mmmmmm good back-n-the-day like that…and that’s way before i knew what the ‘munchies’ were all about 😉

Comment by Sam

Without a doubt mine is mac and cheese.

I often daydream about grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mmmmm, cheese.

Comment by patrickthehedgehog

Grilled cheese and Spaghetti-Os. Fortunately, I have an excuse to eat both — with Ryder, of course.

I also like fish sticks.

Comment by Jen

I sure do love grilled cheeses. I always forget about grilled cheese. And it has been years since I’ve had a fish stick.

Comment by leadballoon

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