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It’s all in my head.
February 6, 2007, 10:07 am
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For now. This morning, I woke up with the worst head cold. It started yesterday – I couldn’t understand why I was having to blow my nose all day, and was feeling “just fine”. Last night it started to snowball into a full-on cold – complete with disrupted sleep and the feeling that I would willingly hand over my life’s savings to have someone come run over me with their car, as I was trying to get off the couch this morning. Colds always seem to be the worst in the evening and first thing in the morning. But it’s 10 am and I’m still feeling like a big ball of snot.

Nothing works when you feel this way. Reading takes a lot of effort. Typing. Worst of all, breathing. And talking. My presentation in a couple of hours is likely to be very pleasing to the ears of my audience. Someone make it go away.

Yesterday, Jack was not acting like himself. He usually sleeps on the loveseat that’s in my home office all day long, waking up every now and then to sigh heavily, as if to say, “You’re still here? Can’t you leave and let me rest???” But not yesterday, he was walking all around the house, stopping only to paw at my leg over and over again. It was starting to get on my nerves, so I gave him a little treat, thinking that’s what he wanted and that he’d eat it, and go lie down and sleep. After the treat, he kept on going. Finally, at about 3:30, I walked into our bathroom, Jack following closely at my heels, and noticed the door to the potty room was closed. And Lily was trapped in there. And with a sigh of relief, Jack had finally gotten his point across, “You are a terrible Mommy. Don’t you want to go get Lily out of that tiny room? It’s been all day.”

The truth is, Jack is the one who locked her in there. He knows how to shut the door. He did it just a few moments ago in our guest bathroom, where there are two doors and an easy way to escape. That sweet thing was just playing with her and accidentally locked her up, and had been trying all day to tell me about it. I’m worried about how often I’ll accidentally lock my children up in rooms or leave them in grocery baskets in store parking lots. For real.


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how sweet.

i’m pretty sure if parker locked the cats in the bathroom he’d keep it as quiet as he could. (if parker ran for president, his platform would be NO CATS IN 2008)

Comment by amber

i’m still gonna need some more evidence of Jack’s intelligence. high fives and walking around the house w/ some leg pawing isn’t enough to convince me yet 😉

Comment by Sam

Poor Parker with the cats. The pictures make him look like a loving brother. 🙂

Jack’s high fives are awesome. Not to mention he’s so cute – that cancels out any kind of argument against him. And he’s perfect.

Comment by leadballoon

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