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Wash your hands. Right now.
February 8, 2007, 11:47 am
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I don’t know where I picked it up, but I’ve got it. I don’t think it’s the full-on flu. More like ‘Introduction to Flu – 101″. Schools all over Dallas are either closing or reporting huge absences because of the flu outbreak. The news people seem amazed that this is happening – when last year there was a shortage in flu shots, and this year there are plenty. Hellooooo – there are plenty because not enough people GOT them. Including me.

I always do. I had my reasons this year for not getting one, they were all good reasons. But I regret it now. Although, since I don’t think it’s flu – it likely wouldn’t have helped anyway.

Tuesday night I stared at the ceiling all night, got NO SLEEP, fighting nausea all night long. Praying to vomick. Never happened. Just miserable. Can’t breathe. Coughing my head off. Achy. Tired. Misery.

Today is better.

I keep thinking how cool it would be if science and research took us far enough so that we could pinpoint the exact point in time that we picked up a virus. We know that there’s an “incubation period” where it’s festering and preparing your body to feel like hell, all without you knowing it. But if we could look back and say, “I was on an airplane when I picked that up, and I likely got it from the guy sitting two seats over from me.” Then I would hunt him down and kill him.

Or what if viruses were glow-in-the-dark like those Gatorade commercials? You know, where the sporty/fit person is drinking the bright orange Gatorade and it’s seeping orange from her pores? What if you could see a flourescent blue virus on your hands or in the air you were breathing? That would be cool. Because I’d be spraying Lysol all over that shit. Then we could see if Lysol really WORKS! Man, the opportunities are endless with my flourescent virus idea.

Anyway, go wash your hands now. You can’t see it, but I swear that it’s there. Waiting to infect you and force you to bed for a few days.


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and have you noticed at places where they have carts, now they are either wiping them down or handing you a wipie to wipe them down. that’s a good idea..makes ya wanna put the package of wipes in your purse and carry them w/ you wherever you may go! this weather doesn’t help…dreary and wet…the way your body feels when you have the WOOD COUNTY CRUD…..

Comment by mutha deah

i have too many defenses built up on my hands…i don’t want to wash them off. do these viruses thrive in moist areas? if so, then i’m going to stop showering (Brad Pitt style) through the flu season 😉

Comment by sam

oh yeah…hope ya get to feeling better soon.

Comment by sam

i never get a shot. the flu can’t touch me.

Comment by Scott

never say never………the flu is rampant in east texas right now; school closings, etc….i HATE winter!

Comment by mutha deah

Scott – good to hear from you! But, a co-worker is now home with the flu (bad flu) and had a flu shot. They say there are so many strains of it out there that the shot protects you from most. Good lord!

Comment by leadballoon

i’m gonna keep quiet as to not jinx myself. well @#$% – i think i just did 😉

Comment by sam

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