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Weather and the Amish.
February 22, 2007, 8:49 am
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Isn’t it funny how a certain temperature or change in weather brings back memories? Well this week I was in Pennsylvania, where it was freezing but beautiful. Not a lot of memories there. Tons of snow everywhere, beautiful mountains. Certainly a different kind of cold than what we experience here – without the humidity you begin to understand what people mean when they say, “cool, crisp day”. It really was beautiful.

But coming back home was certainly a surprise. It was summer weather! I walked out of the airport and started to sweat like a maniac, and looked like one, too, in my turtleneck when it was almost 80 degress outside. As hot as I was, I loved it. As I was driving home and into our neighborhood, it felt just like a year ago, when the weather was warm and I was stalking out the neighborhood just before we bought the house. All of those feelings of excitement came back to me. If I’d only known then what I know now… πŸ™‚

I stayed in an area of Pennsylvania where there was a large Amish community. Non-Amish people who live in the community see the horses and buggies all the time, but for those of us in a rental car – two people from California and Texas – this was quite the tourist attraction. Truly, I am fascinated by them. I plan to do some research, because there’s quite a bit I don’t understand. For example, they have red glowing candles on the sides of their buggies for “tail lights” but will use technology offered by a hospital? They won’t use electricity in their homes but will perform woodwork with saws and other tools, as long as they are owned by someone else? Again, fascinating. I plan to learn more. The likelihood of any Amish people reading this Web site, commenting with some educational notes is pretty slim. So I’ll try to find out for myself.

I’m home now. Tired, extremely behind on work. I arrived to a fresh bouquet of flowers, with a note from Todd, Jack and Lily welcoming me home. Good men and pets are hard to find.

I have completely lost the ability on WordPress to do spell check. I have no idea where that option went? So excuse any typos. The grammar – I’ve got no excuse for that.


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YOU? worried about typos and grammar??? NO! You don’t make those mistakes!

Comment by Mutha Deah

if you come across any Weird Al Yankovic lyrics in your research let me know πŸ˜‰

Comment by sam

I’m from PA, near Amish country. Not close enough to see everyday, but close enough that it wasn’t out of the ordinary to see one on a short drive. Did you know they keep time 30 mins. different from us?

Comment by Kristen

Fascinating! I did learn that they don’t even like to make eye contact with the “non-believers”.

Comment by leadballoon

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