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February 23, 2007, 8:38 am
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Dooce recently posted this, which has been running through my mind for the past week. I’m always interested in what is going on in the celebrity world, so obviously I’ve been keeping up with the latest on Britney. Since I travel so much, I treat myself to the purchase of a People or Us magazine in the airport. I used to buy smart magazines, so that others might think that I wasn’t so shallow and brainless. Now I just don’t give a shit. But nonetheless, I also can’t believe that no one has mentioned the fact that she could be suffering from postpartum depression. It’s a very real thing, and I have witnessed it first hand on multiple occasions, having worked for an OB/GYN for a few years. We had a patient who, after trying years to conceive, finally gave birth to a baby boy. She was the happiest we’d seen her, during her prenatal visits. When the baby was born, she walked out of the hospital, in a hospital gown, no undergarments, and barefoot, and walked all the way to our office – unnoticed by nurses or other visitors. When she got to our office she was in another world, she was another person. It was awful, and like I said, very real.

It’s completely inappropriate but I do think I should mention the similarities between that woman and Britney, what with the “no panties” bit and all. But seriously, I really hope this is not the case with Britney.

Speaking of celebrities. I think I’ve mentioned before that my husband is completely out of touch with anything Hollywood. For example, when I told him Anna Nicole Smith had died, I don’t think he knew who she was. This happens quite a bit, him having no idea who I’m talking about as I’m swimming in fascination with complete strangers’ personal lives. A couple of nights ago, at dinner, I asked him who his “Top 5” were. You know, if we weren’t married and he had the ability to go out with any well known person – celebrity, musician, etc., who would it be? Immediately he couldn’t think of anyone, so I let him ponder as I gave him a few examples of mine: Sting, Dave Matthews, Johnny Depp, and that Clive Owen. There are others, but I stopped there. A few moments later, he said he really couldn’t think of anyone else but Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. He’d love to spend some time with those guys. He couldn’t even think of the names of famous women, couldn’t even picture them in his head. And I’m telling you right now – he wasn’t lying or trying to put up some innocent front. He really doesn’t pay attention. Later he said, “What’s that one girl’s name? Amanda Peet? I think she’s kinda cute.” I said I did, too. Sweet Todd.


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