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March 12, 2007, 4:35 pm
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I’ve got to rant for just one moment. I was just reading some posts and comments on Windfall Woman’s Web site – she’s having some issues with an “anonymous” person making hateful comments on her blog. This has happened to a lot of bloggers’ Web sites that I’ve read in the past or currently read. And I find it truly fascinating. Dooce gets hate mail – people just trashing her site, her parenting skills, everything. WFW is having some similar issues – this person is critiquing or poking fun at the things she writes about…And it really just begs the question, do these people have nothing better to do?

I mean really – they are taking the time out of their daily lives to 1) visit and READ the blog they hate so much, 2) muster up the anger and energy it takes to produce some really negative thoughts about a complete stranger who has no direct impact on the person’s life, and 3) make comments on the blog about how bad it is, and how it should be taken down.

How pathetic is that? I really can’t come up with a better adjective – it’s pathetic. And also very sad. Wouldn’t it be easier to just not go to the Web site? I’m all for freedom of speech, we put the blogs out there for the public to read, they should have a venue for commenting on what we write. But at the end of the day, is it necessary to be hateful? (Maybe I’m for freedom of speech…only if it’s not hateful. :)) The specific hateful comments I’m referencing aren’t even opinions on a post or a particular current event…they’re not rebuttals to a position someone is taking in a blog post. They’re just hateful criticisms of strangers.

It makes me hate the Internet. But at the same time, the Internet has done some really great things – it’s brought families together who’ve not been in touch for years, couples meet every day and find love online…We certainly couldn’t live without it at this point. Or could we?

I think with any new technology – we should try to use it to make a positive impact on others’ lives – use it for good. I’m positive there are blogs out there that serve the purpose of instigating argument. There are likely places out there where you can go and just argue with and insult other people. Some people apparently just get off on that type of thing, specifically insulting those who don’t invite it, those whose feelings might be hurt?

And I’m willing to admit that this post, itself, might be a full contradiction. Either I love freedom of speech, or I don’t. I say one shouldn’t insult a stranger, but I am calling these strangers pathetic. I get that. I see it.

I’m not suggesting that a blog should be read only by people who agree with its contents. Of course, in the marketing world, blogs are used so that people can find information written by real people with “like” needs and information as themselves. (Excuse the sentence structure there.) All I’m saying is, isn’t it easier to just disregard or not read the sites you don’t like?

And I’m not even going to get started on the “anonymous” shit. The words I’d use to describe that whole concept would be entirely too insulting. And that just wouldn’t benefit mankind in any way. Peace.


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They are miserable, mad folks who are just looking for someone to “chew” on and get rid of their hostilities and anger! It is very sad.

Comment by Mutha Deah

Coincidentally, you’ve got to read Dooce’s post from today, Thursday. Lots of hate mail examples which don’t make me angry, but make me laugh my fanny off.

Comment by leadballoon

Thank you for writing this. I love you.

Comment by Windfall Woman

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