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Work is not a beauty contest.
March 15, 2007, 2:18 pm
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It’s 2:42 pm. I’ve been on conference calls all day today. Finally, I have a break and I am eating an apple and IM-ing with my friend Mary a bit. Something struck me, I felt the need to tell Mary about what I was currently wearing. Not because it’s so great. But because it’s pretty indicative of what I wear every day to work, now that I work from home. And it is awesome. I wanted to share with her what my poor husband has to look forward to coming home to every day. One might wonder if I ever shower or brush my teeth, if fixing my hair or the application of make up is important to me anymore. Sure it is. When someone’s looking. And Todd sees right past all that stuff anyway. At least he says he does.

So I started out this morning in one of my favorite pairs of pajamas. My friend Kelly bought them for me for my birthday a few years ago – they’re an all cotton, white, shirt-and-pants ensemble. The shirt is sleeveless, fits just right (for now) and is perfect for the weather this time of year. God knows I need a pant at night, though – Todd keeps it cold in that bedroom and I can’t stand for my hairy legs to rub up against one another. Drives me crazy!

Well I started my work day and around 9:00 am I started to get a little chilled. So I picked up an off-white thermal shirt that happened to be lying on the floor of my home office. It was there from when it got a little too warm yesterday. Perfect. Instead of removing the one pajama shirt, I just threw this one on over it. It’s not one of those big, loose thermal shirts like Todd has. It’s more form-fitting. You can see a picture of the really fantastic shirt duo here. Gap says that layering is “in” and I agree.

I moved on to breakfast – one of my staples, the frosted strawberry Pop Tart. I’ve been burning them a lot lately (that toaster can be tricky!) but today’s was the perfect amount of toasting and popping on that Pop Tart. What a great concept. How is this relevant to my get-up for the day? Well, I was reminded of the fact that I went to sleep last night without removing my make up when I saw a smear of lipstick on the sleeve of my thermal shirt after I finished the Pop Tart. Now, I don’t rub my mouth on my sleeve in public. Just here at home, and not even when Todd is around. We use cloth napkins at dinner, for God’s sake. But in the home office, anything goes. And let me tell you, that Revlon really knows how to make a long lasting lipcolor. This is Revlon’s “ColorStay Overtime” in “Endless Spice”. Maybe they should call it Overnight, not Overtime. He he.

One might wonder why I even had make up on in the first place? Well, I’ll get to that – I got my hair cut yesterday and can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror for an hour straight without a little color on my cheeks and lips. I mean, who wants to look at that?

Let’s see, that pretty much covers my outfit. I’m also barefoot, bra-less, and thankful that my panties are white and not showing through my white PJ’s wth some crazy pattern or “TUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY” written all over them. Couldn’t have that. It’s Thursday, for Christ’s sake.

I’ve still got on my very very thick, coke-bottle style glasses. “Giving my eyes a rest from the contacts”. Or, perhaps, just too lazy to put the contacts in. I got my hair cut yesterday around 6:00. So it was washed, dried, and styled quite nicely last night before bed. Well, I learned this morning that the wispy section of long bangs that my new, wonderful stylist (who looks just like Rachel Bilson, I swear) gave me might turn out to be more annoying than beautiful. I told her, “As long as they fit into a ponytail!” But they’re falling down. So I had to put on Todd’s old, red (almost pink from thorough washing) sweat band that reads ‘SPORT’ across it. It goes great with the outfit, I think. And it serves a practical purpose – it’s holding back that hair I got cut for no reason. I never fix it anyway. Here’s a shot of the extremely helpful sweat band that is helping me to keep my sanity today. You can even see those bangs hanging back there in a distance, out of my face.

At first, I thought I was too embarassed to try to take a full shot of all of this and then post it on the Web site. Then I thought that there’s really no way you can truly appreciate the beauty that is ME working from home without it. Jack wanted to be in the picture as well.
Full Throttle

If you look closely, you can see that there’s some mascara under my eyes, it really frames them well behind the glasses, I think. Jack loves me like this, you can tell from the look on his face, can’t you? Is being pregnant a good excuse for not having the energy to get dressed and showered every morning? I’m dead-ass tired. And three months pregnant today. 🙂 Thank you, Jesus, for getting us past this first trimester.


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HA! I love love love it! That’s about how I look when I work from home–except that my fro is huge and flowing. It’s just easier to get lots of work done when you’re totally comfy. I think you look divinely beautiful–as always.

Comment by Mary

This totally made my day, btw. Made me giggle!!!

Comment by Mary

So, is this your official “coming out” announcement, or have I been the only damn person in this family keeping a secret?

Comment by Big Sis

Congratulations! We are rooting for you! Lots of love from the NW.


Comment by amber

Mary, you inspire me.
Holly, yes, it is official. Although, I didn’t know you were still keeping a secret? I didn’t know that was possible in our family.

Comment by leadballoon

Hell yes I’ve been keeping a secret! Your mother on the other hand…..
Found something cute today for Luckey Baby.

Comment by Big Sis

those are some pretty skanky pics 😉

Comment by Sam

Oh.My.Goodness. You’re pregnant. You’re going to be a MOMMY. OH. I’m so happy!!!!

Comment by Windfall Woman

I’m glad to hear it’s going well, LB. Keep us posted! Congratulations again. Being pregnant is wonderful, terrible and amazing all at the same time. 🙂

Comment by jen

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