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Happy Spring
March 21, 2007, 9:21 am
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If you ask yourself, “Is this going to turn into a pregnancy blog?” you might be answering yourself with, “Well, it wasn’t much of anything before…” Carrying this baby and all that it entails is pretty much the focus of my life right now. Not to mention, since I gave up my pen-and-paper journaling a couple years ago, this is really the only place I chronicle the goings-on of my life anymore. Although, my cousin did buy me this great “Belly Book” where you can track week to week the changes you’re seeing…I’m quite surprised that I’ve been filling that out. Maybe this child will read it one day and wonder why he or she was given such a freakshow mother.

Mostly, my chief complaint this week is that I just look fat and don’t yet look pregnant. To most people, I likely look the same. But I can tell the changes. I’m about to head into that transition period where normal clothes don’t fit anymore, but wearing maternity clothes just makes you look over-anxious. All of this while I’ve got two week-long work trips coming up in April. I have no idea what I’ll wear. We’ll see.

I’m sure Todd’s chief complaint would be that I am a slient-but-deadly bitch from hell. My temper seems shorter, it’s much easier to “get on my nerves” and nothing seems to work right, feel right or smell right. Smells rule my world. Oh, good Lord, the smells.

But it’s not all negative. It’s quite exciting. It’s easier to write about the negative, because it seems to stay top-of-mind sometimes. But there is this sense of amazement that you are GROWING A HUMAN BEING inside your body. It’s a miracle, really. Each week, there’s something new. This week, the baby is fully formed – complete with arms and legs…it finally looks human. I read yesterday that the baby already has fingerprints, which is just amazing. That stuff is definitely cool. Those supernatural miraculous things will seem even more real when I can start to feel stuff and look pregnant. Right now, I just feel like I’ve got a parasite of some sort, the size of a peach…like a tumor…doing stuff inside my abdomen. Pretty cool, though.

Changing the subject here…





Why do all other shows take a back seat to this show? It’s ridiculous. I get all cozied up in the chair to watch one of my favorite shows on DVR, and it’s not there…WHY? Because American Idol needs to run for four hours at a time. There’s no room for other shows with that kind of monopoly going on. I want to sue it.

I believe today is the first day of spring. I love spring. Happy spring.


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>>>slient-but-deadly bitch from hell…

is that some reference to silent/smelly farts or something? does that come w/ being prego?

Comment by Sam

I just mean that I AM SILENT – don’t say much. Because I know that if I did, it would be my alter-ego speaking.

You are gross.

Comment by leadballoon

well…i’ve only heard the phrase “silent-but-deadly” used in one context before today…so i was just checking.

Comment by Sam

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