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Poor Anna
March 26, 2007, 4:28 pm
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I get these “CNN Breaking News” update emails. I signed up for them right after 9/11. Actually on 9/11. Anyway, I keep up with late, breaking news that way. Because late, breaking news is what we live for, right? No.

I find out all I need to know about the Anna Nicole Smith case via these breaking news emails because Todd refuses to let me watch anything on TV about it. Well, I can watch what I want. But if I want to spend time with him at home, in front of the TV together, shows like “Entertainment Tonight” or E! shows, or whatnot…those are forbidden.

So today the email says that “accidental drug overdose” was the cause of her death. That truly is sad – death is sad. Death is especially tragic when there’s a newborn baby involved who is not only left without a mother but with so many people wanting to be her father. She’s famous. Famous because there are so many people who could quite possibly be her father. Poor thing.

I’m not making a post about the paternity of that baby, though. This post is about the boil on Anna’s ass that seems to have played a role in her death. THE BOIL. ON HER ASS. In death this woman is still being plagued by the media – every detail of her life – who she sleeps with and how many sexual partners she’s had at one time…and a BOIL ON HER ASS. The autopsy report can be read online, even. You can find out all you want to know about Anna – literally inside and out – just by going online to cnn.com.

Why does the media give us these details, and why do we want it? Supply and demand, I guess. It’s just awful. Those of us who read it are just as guilty as the media for perpetuating the “need to know” machine. And I guess those of us who subsequently write about it on our blogs…we’re just trash.


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I signed up for those updates too. Isn’t it awful that there is NO PRIVACY anymore? Poor woman will never rest in peace.

Comment by Windfall Woman

i bet it’s a hard temptation to fight working at the morgue…to NOT pop a huge boil when you see one. at least it would be for me…i’m glad dead bodies freak me out….i won’t have to worry about it.

Comment by Sam

That is disgusting.

Comment by leadballoon

yeah…i should remember to hold off on the first thing that comes to my mind. hell…i should hold off on the first 5-6 things that come to my mind.

Comment by Sam

great post lauri.

hope all is well.

Comment by amber

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