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April 3, 2007, 12:06 pm
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This morning we went in for our latest pre-natal visit with our doctor. We’re 15 weeks now, moving right along. For those of you who have never had a baby, there are two things you do immediately when you get to the doctor’s office. You pee in a cup and you get weighed. Peeing in a cup is no easy task for me. Actually, I’m terrible at it. And this time, I forgot to write my name on the cup (also weird!) before putting it into the little gnome-sized door in the bathroom wall for someone to pick it up on the other side. When I do this, I picture Barbie and Ken and Skipper on the other side of that door in their dreamhouse, just testing up urine. So the nurse had to play Which One is Lauri’s Urine? for a while. Sorry.

So then there’s the weighing. I think only women who are rapidly losing weight are actually excited to get on a scale. Given my diet since the last visit (more hamburgers than usual, lots of chicken nuggets and weekly breakfast taquitos), I was a little worried about hopping on the scale. I know I’ve gotten bigger – many of my pants don’t fit anymore. I can see a baby bump there…so I know that I’m bigger. It was the actual number that concerned me. The books all say that you’re supposed to only gain about 3-5 pounds in the first trimester. Given that I’ve not been exercising and eating more than usual, I was sure it was double that. So I hopped on the scale, and I looked over at Todd and saw what I thought was a “I’m prepared to talk to you later about your nutrition and exercise program” look. Then I looked back at the scale, and I realized it just as the nurse said it, “You’ve only gained one pound!!!”

Of course Todd doesn’t think I’m getting fat (at least he says he doesn’t), but both of us know my lack of energy and overall refusal to eat a really good, balanced diet were leading me down a path of destruction. I can’t get too confident and lazy with that one pound gain, I’ve got to start eating better. And I have, now that the thought of vegetables and fruits doesn’t make me start to dry heave.

We listened to the baby’s heartbeat, that’s always nice to hear. And when I asked about why I get headaches every day at 4:00 pm, I got a good lecture on the amount of water I need to drink compared to what I am actually drinking. Todd was smiling, nodding and giving me the “I guess you should start listening to me more” look as she was finishing up her lecture. I know I should drink more water, I just don’t enjoy it. Maybe if it were red wine it would be easier. I will start pretending, and drinking my water from a nice merlot glass…to enhance the effect.

We signed up for our Prepared Childbirth classes at the hospital. Those ought to be fun. If for no other reason than to really get in some good people watching. You think you like to watch people now? Well when you’re pregnant, you really like to stare at other pregnant people. Surely the women in the waiting room at my doctor’s office don’t mind me eyeing their very large abdomens and outfits. I need to soak all of that in. I mean, really, how does one’s abdomen stretch and grow out so big? And how do they stand up and keep balanced? It’s so freakin’ weird.

Other than that, I’m just very busy. Or as my friend Mary says, “busy as a one-armed paper hanger”. (For those of you reading out there who only have one arm, that wasn’t meant to offend you or imply that all you can do is hang wallpaper…it’s just a figure of speech. Or a simile. Something like that.) Lots of travel coming up over the next few weeks…fun.

Also, it’s Holy Week. Get holy, be holy. It’s the most important week on Jesus’ calendar.


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a few minutes ago i heard a guy say that DMB is going to be in TX on/around Sep 20. maybe that would be a good thing to send you into labor…if you’re still prego.
yes, listen to The Todd w/ what he says and follow his lead in regards to nutrition…you’re building a future hockey stud in there…and Todd kows best.
holy week….ah….yes…that reminds me…i have to go out and kill a lamb tonight so i can paint the blood on my door….OT-style ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Sam

1. Todd is still considering buying those DMB tickets so that I can give birth to our first born on the lawn of a DMB concert.
2. I listen to Todd.
3. You’ve got the wrong holiday with the blood and stuff. So spare the lamb this week.

Comment by leadballoon

1. that would be F-ing AWESOME and you’d probably have to name him/her w/ some DMB theme.
2. okay…you listen to Todd…but you should actually take into consideration things he says ๐Ÿ˜‰
3. nope…not the wrong holiday. yesterday (when i commented) it was Passover.

Comment by Sam

I love the baby posts. I actually love ALL the posts, but I love the baby posts.

Comment by Windfall Woman

There’s always the “busier than a whore on Uncle’s Day” too. Both are lovely.

Comment by Mary

One pound! You’re awesome. I ended up quite huge, but in hindsight, it was fun — only b/c I now know that the weight can and will go away after baby arrives. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by jen

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