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April 16, 2007, 6:53 pm
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Things have happened over the past several days that are just…odd.

First, the weather. I know that April is always this way in Dallas, but it just seems odd to me. One day, I’m in my warmest sweater with a scarf around my neck, the next I’m in shorts. One day I’m having Todd clean out the hall closet so that he, the animals and me can run to it during the tornado warnings for our area, the next day we’re basking in the sunshine outside, taking Jack for a big boy walk.

Next, over the past week I have gone from comfortably wearing my normal clothes to a place that can only be described as wardrobe purgatory. No, not even purgatory, it’s hell. I was away all of last week on a business trip and 3 out of the 5 days I could not wear the pants I’d packed to wear…These are pants that just fit me a week ago… I have all these books that ask the question, “When did you finally pop?” I’ve always thought the question was strange…until now. I guess I’ve popped. But I’m not popped enough to wear maternity clothes. Around the house this is fine, I can wear my slouchy sweatpants (or shorts, if the temperature rises), but going out is something else entirely. Wearing business attire is yet another animal…

Speaking of animals, something really odd happened today at home. The animals (Jack and Lily) sleep on the loveseat in my home office while I work. This is usually a really cute sight…so cute, in fact, that my boss is getting tired of receiving pictures of the dog and cat sleeping during the day. I can’t help it, they’re adorable. Anyway. Today I heard a really odd noise coming from the loveseat area (one foot away from me), and I looked over to see Lily (the cat) kind of dry heaving, gagging…you know how cats do it with their whole body…Well Jack was sitting right next to her. She usually doesn’t let him sit so closely, but since she was vomicking I guess she didn’t care. But he was close. Like, he was LICKING THE INSIDE OF HER MOUTH close. I can’t figure out if it was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen him do (awwww, helping Lily pull up her hairball) or the most disgusting thing in the world. So I dragged him off the couch to allow Lily to vomick in peace. Then I had to clean it all up.

At my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor told me she wants me to quit sleeping on my back and to start sleeping on my left or right side. Well, every time I wake up in the middle of the night (which is a lot) I am flat on my back. Even with the huge, awkward, space-consuming body pillow we bought, I have managed to roll myself over to my back. I have no idea how to correct this problem. I’ve seen in the baby stores this neat little thing you can put in the bed with you once the baby comes home, so that the baby can sleep safely there on his or her back without rolling off the bed or being rolled onto by the adult sleepers. I wish they made one big, for pregnant people. I need some sort of restraint. I can tell you that when I do wake up, I lie there and soak in th comfort that is the back sleeping…I think to myself, “Man this is comfortable, I’ll lie here just a little longer in this position before mustering up the energy to roll to my left side…” Then I realize how crazy that is, sigh loudly (Todd should experience this too, after all!) and roll over.

Otherwise, it’s not odd that I’m swamped at work and busy, busy. I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m glad to be home for a FULL WEEK!


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I hope you don’t have to travel so much once the baby arrives!

Comment by jen


I hope so, too.

Comment by Lauri

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