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Pine-Sol is Divine.
April 27, 2007, 2:50 pm
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I broke down. A couple of weekends ago, I spent almost all day Saturday and Sunday cleaning our house. This was after a week of travel for work. (Okay, maybe it was more than a couple of weekends ago, because as of yesterday, the house was disgusting.) The point here is, that I’m not finding time to be the excellent housekeeper that I used to be. And it stresses me out. And it consumes my non-working hours. And I’m pregnant, and I consider that to be a valid excuse that I can use for anything for the next four months.

A while back we went over to my in-laws house for dinner, and as I walked into their house it smelled squeaky clean, of Pine-Sol. It was a Friday. I said to my mother-in-law, “Your house is so clean, and smells so good!” She said, “Yes, thanks to Alejandra, who cleaned today.” Immediately I started to fantasize about this Alejandra coming to our home like a little fairy and having the house all spic-and-span and ready for us for the weekend. I dreamt about the idea of people just “stopping by” and me not being embarassed by the odd pink stains in the toilet, or the five layers of animal hair that are certain to cover every object in my house even two days after a good cleaning. Anyway, my fantasies were soon put to rest when I sat around and thought about how able-bodied I really am and how cleaning the house is really, most times, quite therapeutic for me.

Then the work travel schedule picked up again. And every Sunday, I’d start to get this anxiety over all the things that didn’t get done that weekend. I’d start to truly get into a bad mood because of the baseboards or the fan blades. I started to have palpitations over the cat hair dust bunnies in the corners of every room. We’re not pigs – this is just how it is in a house with slobs and animals.

So I told Todd, I want to see if Alejandra can come to our house, and how much she will charge, and how soon she can start. He agreed – and this week she stopped by to give us an estimate and said she could be here on Friday. Today! So here I sit, in my very clean home which is almost sparkling from the cleanliness, my head just spinning from the Pine-Sol fumes…and I am happy. I feel good. I don’t feel guilty. There’s so much I can get done this weekend without worrying about the countertops, before I have to leave for another trip next week.

I also sit here with the worst knot in my back, from work-related stress this week. I was very nervous about a presentation I had to give in Chicago – but it all turned out great. And when it was over, the knots came. This happens all the time. This time it was so bad I had a chair massage – and the massage therapist said my problem is huge. Not something that will be worked out in a chair massage. And she was right. It’s no better today, even worse I think. But this pain is so much more bearable because of the Pine-Sol in the air! The clean house even makes my dirty car outside look better.

Man, she did such a great job. I caught her once, scrubbing the light switches. The light switches, people!!!! She’s going to start coming every two weeks. And I think I will grow to love her, like a sister. We will become best friends. And then she will never want to leave, perhaps she’ll even want to move in and care for our child once it is born. Maybe not. I love her so much today that I’d give her our firstborn, if it meant that every home we live in from here on out looked this clean and smelled this Pine-Solly.

And she’s honest. When she was done today, I asked her how bad it was. She said, “Pretty dirty. Lots of dust.” She was being kind – it wasn’t pretty dirty…it was especially unfathomable for someone living with OCD.


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Good for you! You deserve the help. I’m smelling Pinesol myself right this minute.

Comment by Windfall Woman

Veronica came into our lives following my son’s arrival, and she’s been with us ever since. I didn’t want to spend my limited weekend time with him fussing over the dust on the t.v. and whatnot.

Her check every two weeks is the easiest one I write. You’ll never go back from here, Lauri Lee.

Comment by jen

WFW – For some reason your site gives me error messages and asks me to debug something, and I can’t get the comments to come up. It could be just me, as I’ve had major computer issues lately. But no one else’s site is giving me the error. Just FYI.

Jen – I don’t see how I could ever go back from here…but I know that if I had to, I certainly would. Of course, lots of things might have to “go” first if push comes to shove…eating…that sort of thing.

Comment by Lauri

BTW – you have a sister. I too have been weighing the pros & cons of the cleaning person. Mo just got a new gal that even decorates! I got home from California and thought I might cry at the mess the house was in.

Comment by Big Sis

EVERYONE deserves some help. H, you need to check into getting someone to help! Bonita only charges me $55.00 and it’s worth every single penny! Yes, the smells, the shine – it’s wunnerful’ !!!

Comment by Mutha Deah

2 things:

1. thank you for the bday wishes.
2. we went to see damien rice on thursday, and he was incredible! it’s moved into my top 10 shows ever (after NKOTB of course). i think he’s coming through your town – i’m sure (i hope) y’all already have tickets!

Comment by amber

Ok. I just read your post. I’m drooling. Seriously. There is nothing in this world so delightful as the smell of Pine-Sol that someone else has spread. (And, we are so often the same person…)

Comment by Mary

We are seeing Damien next week, fo sho. Love him. Can’t wait. Sam is sad because apparently the chick isn’t joining him – he loves, loves her.

I’ve been out of town all week, I’m wondering if the house smells like Pine-Sol, still… 🙂

Comment by Lauri

Yeah, the chick didn’t join him here either. Sorry Sam.

Enjoy the show. It’s a good’un

Comment by amber

yeah…i’m a little ‘down’ about Lisa not being w/ Damien at the show. that write-up said something like “their professional relationship had run it’s creative course” – there better not be any other kinda relationship either….that’s MY woman 😉

Comment by Sam

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