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Drop Kick Me Jesus
May 14, 2007, 7:05 pm
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This weekend we spent a lovely weekend in my hometown with my family. It’s usually so relaxing there. Even when there are many places to go or people to see, it seems as if time moves a little slower there…and I like it. It’s a nice break. When does time move slowest? When you are fishing, that’s when. We went fishing late Saturday night. I say *we* when actually it was my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and husband doing the fishing. I was sitting in a lawn chair on the dock, slapping mosquitoes into my skin and looking at the stars, listening to my nephew get so excited about the tiniest things. You can actually see the stars out in the country. All of them. And I think that one of the best things about having children must be the ability to see the world through their eyes day by day. Quite humbling, actually – both the stars and my nephew’s amazement.

No one caught any fish, but there were some great stories that came out of the entire evening. There were people fishing around us with some great commentary. My nephew always provides some good comic relief (telling the fishing license guy that I’d be fishing without a fishing license, that type of thing.) My favorite take away, though, was the lyrics to two songs we heard on the way to the lake. I’m not sure what radio station was playing in the car, none of us were listening intently to it, it was more like background music. But when a chorus such as “Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life…” comes on, you start to listen. It’s really hard not to hear that, even if you’re trying not to. Immediately I looked at my sister, then my husband and we all listened one more time, and sure enough, he’d just said “Drop kick me Jesus”. We all started to laugh. We laughed about it until the next day. The full lyrics are below. I think it’s important that you read every line.

Drop Kick Me, Jesus – Bobby Bare

Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life
End over end, neither left nor to right
Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights
Drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life

Make me, oh make me, Lord more than I am
Make me a piece in your master game plan
Free from the earthly temptations below
I’ve got the will, Lord if you’ve got the toe


Bring on the brothers who’ve gone on before
And all of the sisters who’ve knocked on your door
All the departed dear loved ones of mine
Stick them up front in the offensive line

(Chorus 2x)
Oh, drop kick me, Jesus, through the goal posts of life

The other song I remember had at the end of its chorus, “I want to search you for ticks”. Not kidding. It’s a real song.

It’s been a while since I posted some lyrics for you to enjoy. I hope you really liked these. 🙂


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country music is desperately running out of metaphors for their lyrics 😉 oh sweet Jesus

Comment by Sam

Running out? This is an old song, I think.

Comment by Lauri

What about the tick song?

Comment by Todd

The tick song is new – Brad Paisley or something. Weird thing is, I couldn’t find those lyrics online anywhere. All I could remember was “I want to check you…for ticks” LOL

Comment by Lauri

Where you been?

Comment by jen

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