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Overdue Update
June 19, 2007, 6:49 am
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Hello folks, though it’s been forever since I’ve made a post, I’m still alive and kicking. And speaking of kicking – baby seems to be doing just fine as the kicking is nice and steady…unless I want Todd to come feel it, then it stops. This whole baby thing is really amazing. We’ve still not decided on a name yet, but we have painted and furnished the nursery. There is no decor in there, per se, but we’ll wait on that once the baby is born and we know its sex. On that front, I’ve been convinced all along that this is a boy, but I turned the corner last week. Now I’m convinced it’s a girl. So much for “mom’s intuition”…looks like we’re back to the 50/50 mark…not that we ever left there. My “intuition” shouldn’t be trusted anyway, given that it’s based on the amount and growth frequency of hair on my body.

So the reason I’ve not been posting much is that I’ve been traveling non-stop for work. That ends this month, per doctor’s orders, and I’ve never been so happy to be “grounded” in my life. Now I’m playing catch up at work and it’s tiring and stressful in itself. So much going on, but all good stuff for sure. It is rumored that the last company I worked for is apparently having some layoffs this week, the state of the union there is pretty bad from what I hear. There are prayer jars – people putting in their own prayers and everyone praying over it…people praying for the company…even one really entertaining anonymous email that went out to the whole company accusing the executive team of incompetence and lining their own pockets…It’s really bad and I’m thankful I don’t work there anymore. I do, however, feel so badly for those who do.

We’ve also been busy on the house, STILL in the process of repairing that leaky shower and mold issue in the bathroom. This weekend, we’d cleared out of the upstairs, as the tile guys were coming to tile the master shower and bathroom floor. Turns out they also brought a crew to tile the guest bath, repair the downstairs bath, and scrape the acoustic ceiling from the entire downstairs. I could go into how AWFUL this experience is with the dust and mess that’s left behind, but what was most stressful was being displaced from your home without warning. Granted, I was VERY happy they were on the ball and knocking it out in such short time, but I have two animals to care for – one who really likes getting lost (rather, exploring) in the floor between the two floors of our house when there’s an opening (Lily the cat) and one who loves to help anyone trying to work in the house (Jack).

I took Lily immediately to the vet to have her boarded for the weekend, we just couldn’t risk having her be “tiled into” the floor between the two floors of the house. I loaded up Jack and some clothes to go spend the night at my cousin’s house – Todd insisted once all the guys working here started to put on masks. The work got done, but not without completely throwing off my weekend – not only was it Father’s Day, but I had donut duty at church on Sunday which, on this particular Sunday, meant picking up 10 dozen donut holes and driving THROUGH A RIVER all the way into East Dallas to deliver them.

Toward the end of our stay at my cousin’s house, Jack started to develop an allergy of some sort. All of his skin started to itch and his poor little eyes were completely red and scratchy. I went to pick Lily up on Monday and they were not happy with her. Asked if I would come help get her out of the kennel. She was crouched up in the back of the thing and hissing and biting at anyone who tried to grab her. She hadn’t eaten, drank, or used the poo box the entire weekend. This broke my heart. I stopped feeling too sorry for her, though, after she bit me three times and made me look like an unfit mother to the vet personnel. She let me get her out, but bit me so hard I dropped her as I was trying to get her in her carrier. She ran under the entire stack of kennels where she was unreachable. They asked me to go back up to the front so they could bring the doctor in to get her out. I thought for sure this meant that maybe he had some special tricks or maneuvers to get her…but no, it meant he was using a broom handle.

Lily certainly got her groove back quickly once we got in the car. She pooped in her carrier on the way home (disgusting) and ate plenty and got plenty of water from the bathroom sink faucet, and has used the poo box a few times since then. So she’s fine. I just have to explain next time I board her that 1) she doesn’t like the poo box sitting in the spot where she sleeps and eats, 2) she really does prefer to drink water from a dripping faucet and 3) she likes to lay in the sun, not the kennel. I want them to understand that I’ve not raised an evil cat, I’ve just raised a high maintenance one. Wait, this is assuming that she’s ever allowed back there again. I don’t think she is.

Poor Todd woke up night before last with some awful stomach bug…or food poisoning. I know it was killing him to lie there, half alive, and listen to me talk to the general contractor about our house. Not only was I asking every nit-picky question in the world about the current work (stuff that Todd later told me he can do himself), but I’m sure Todd could her the “cha-ching” noises going off in the guy’s head as I talked and talked and talked about the rest of the work that I want done in the house. Of course, everything I listed and walked him through elicited the same response, “Oh…that can be done very inexpensively.” Music to my ears. But I know what the guy really means.

So this round of repairs is almost complete on the house. It has derailed other work, though. Todd hasn’t been able to get back into the yard and finish the work he started weekend before last. He’s got shrubs to plant and some mowing to do, some clean up in the back yard…The nasty weekend weather we’ve been having hasn’t allowed for much yard work, either. We might have a little money left over from the repairs we did to the bathrooms to replace some tile in our entry and fireplace surround (it looks like bathroom tile with splashes of pink and blue) so that we can paint the downstairs. All in preparation for selling this damned house and getting OUT of it. Or, like Todd says, we’ll get it just how we want it…and not want to leave. I don’t think that’s the case for me. I’m running out of room and patience…And as long as we are here, living across from the family who has erected a bar in their garage…complete with neon beer signs, a pool table, and music…I need to live elsewhere.

Hope everyone’s having a great week.


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there’s a bar w/ a pool table across the street? well…i know where i’m going next time i visit y’all 😉

Comment by Sam

Are you in Carrollton? I don’t recall.

Oh, when are you going to post some belly shots? I wanna see LB preggers (don’t you just hate that term?).

Comment by jen

Duh, I forgot for a second that I have your ADDRESS!

Comment by jen

Sam, those ladies across the street are right up your alley.

Jen, the belly has passed the point of “cute”. If you know what I mean.

Comment by Lauri

I saw a movie I think you’ll like … Once. It’s at the Angelika. You seen it?

Comment by jen

I have not seen, or heard of, “Once”. Will check it out!

Comment by Lauri

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