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So cute
July 27, 2007, 10:56 am
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We got this and this at a baby shower at Todd’s office last night.


Luckey Baby
July 25, 2007, 2:48 pm
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Today we had a 4-D sonogram done. And we learned that the “fourth dimension” is actually movement. Okay.

So many people asked us why we’d want to do this, given that we don’t want to know the sex of the baby. After having it done, I’m very glad we did. It really was an amazing experience. Even though you’re “seeing” the baby, you’re not really seeing it. It’s not like meeting the baby before it’s born…It’s like a sneak peek inside there to see how things are going. And they’re going fine. Baby is almost 4 pounds – that’s ahead of schedule, actually. We’re either having a huge baby or the due date might be a little earlier than we thought – we’ll find out more tomorrow. I’m praying for an earlier delivery, not the big baby. For obvious reasons.

Baby gave us a “thumbs up” again:

Also, even the sonographer commented on how HUGE the feet are. The baby shielded its face from us during most of the event with its feet and hands.

And this is the profile, my mom’s favorite shot. It shows some cute little chubby cheeks, which are caused by tons and tons of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, no doubt.

Fun stuff.

True Blessing
July 21, 2007, 7:20 am
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Thursday night, my sister and I spoke a few times over the phone about a Nintendo Wii that just came available at her office. One of her co-workers bought it for a friend, only to find out his friend was able to get one as well. Imagine our luck – we’ve been searching forever for one – and this one seemed to just fall into our laps so easily. Holly and I made plans for Todd to go pick the thing up the next day on his lunch break, exchange the cash, and traffic that thing safely back to our house for some unadulterated family fun for the weekend at the Luckey house.

Early Friday morning our phone rings. Usually an early morning phone call raises my blood pressure and causes a bit of a panic. I’m always paranoid that someone’s been in an accident or someone has fallen ill…but when I saw it was Holly calling, I breathed easier knowing it was about the Wii and picked up the phone.

Only the call wasn’t about the Wii, it was about our mom.

Mom woke up Friday morning with some numbness in her chest. A warm, tingly feeling that went from her chest to both her arms, and a little bit of nausea. She knew something wasn’t right, she called for an ambulance. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital where she stayed in the ER for several hours, being poked and prodded, running test after test… For a while, things looked “fine”, except for the scary incident that morning. The bloodwork was showing that she’d not had a heart attack, necessarily, but thankfully they decided to admit her for observation.

Once in her room, she finally saw the cardiologist. He came in and checked on her and told her he’d like to keep her through Monday, where he’d do a stress test and then decide if further tests were needed, including a heart catheterization. He walked out of her room, then back in, and said, “You know what, let’s just do that cath now, I’ve got some time available.”

I’m not sure if it was an instinct he had or if he made the decision based on something he saw from the various monitors mom was hooked up to, but nonetheless, we’re all very thankful he acted so promptly and was so thorough in his treatment of her. During her cath, he found that her main coronary artery was 90% blocked. 90% blocked. Seems like mom was a heart attack or stroke just waiting to happen…and without Friday morning’s “episode” and an aggressive treatment – that might have been in her near future. Who knows, if they’d just sent her home that day, what her future would have had in store for her, and for those of us who love and care for her so much.

Really, it seems miraculous to me. It seems like we got this “free pass” to something, or won the lotto. It feels that way because heart disease has taken the lives of so many of my family members, sometimes without warning at all. But mom got a “get out of jail free” card this week, she’s been given an official warning, and for that I am just so thankful. It’s not her time to go, I know that for sure. We’ve got so much to look forward to over the next few months and selfishly, I’m going to need her!

I say that others have had no warning…We’ve all got warnings. We may not listen to our bodies like we should, but we all know what’s right and wrong for us. My sister and I talk about how we sometimes feel robbed of some really wonderful life experiences that we’d like to share with our dad, or our grandmother. It’s very hard to not feel like their refusal to take care of themselves was a direct disregard for our feelings and needs. When told that some life changes could prolong their lives, they chose not to make those changes. Choosing not to make those changes was translated by people who loved them as, “I don’t care to be there for your wedding,” or “I’m not interested in knowing my grandchildren,” or “You’ll be just fine without me.”

Sounds harsh, and really selfish. But when you’re the one “left behind” there’s not a lot of options for how to feel…

For mom, she’s lucky today. And she knows it. I’m sure she’s received a few good lectures from not only her loved ones but from her doctors – and we all know how my mom hates a lecture. But I hope she’s not just hearing them but listening to them. And I hope she truly understands that while we tell her these things because we love her, we tell her these things because we’re tired of being the ones left behind.

Fruity Pebbles
July 21, 2007, 6:55 am
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I don’t know if I can call the hunger I have for Post’s Fruity Pebbles a pregnancy craving…The truth is I’ve always loved them. But lately I’ve been buying the “off brand” bag of pebbles (Fruity Dyno’s, something like that) in lieu of the more expensive, name brand, Post Fruity Pebbles. This week, the store was fresh out of the Dyno’s, and in an act of desperation I caved and bought the small box of the good stuff. And man, are they good. They’re not just better tasting…They stay crisper longer. They smell better. They’re just better. I will never purchase the Dyno’s again.

Beached Whale
July 16, 2007, 10:37 am
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This weekend, we were supposed to be out of town again – to Houston for a friend’s baby shower. Todd changed his mind earlier in the week about going, and I’m quite glad he did. This has nothing to do with the fact that Houston is my least favorite town in Texas. Which it is. My least favorite place to visit in the state of Texas. It’s unfortunate that most of my college girlfriends live there. It has to do with the fact that we’ve been going NON STOP for several weeks now, and I was in need of some major down time.

And down time is exactly what we had. Even though our expert meteorologists predicted rain on Saturday, we pulled a pool day out of it and floated around the pool, soaked up some sun all afternoon. Our friends Mary and Albert were able to join us and it was just, overall, a very good and relaxing day. Before that, Todd was able to clean up some of the yard work debris that had been building and building over the past few weeks and I was able to do some cleaning and organizing in the house. Man, that type of thing just feels so good. To get organized, lists made, messes cleaned.

(A side note here about cleanliness and organization. How can two people create such messes? I understand that I am a little militant about things being clean – Todd reminds me of this all the time – but seriously, how does it happen??? I feel like I’m picking up and cleaning all the time. This is honestly my biggest fear right now about having this baby – that the messes and clutter will just increase. I know for a fact it will. I just fear how I will handle that…And no, “letting go” isn’t an option. That’s like telling me to change my eye color or the length of my legs. I have a need for things to be clean, or else I get very anxious and uneasy. Clutter has a physical and mental effect on me…I’ve tried years to change it, but it’s never going to change. And I’m not medicating myself over it, that’s for sure.) Anyway, back to the weekend summary.

Sunday, we FINALLY had someone over to install our shower glass. Not new shower glass, the same old stuff that we took down to repair the shower. I believe it was back in April that we first discovered the major leak/mold issue with the shower. It’s the middle of July now. That’s four months of not using our master bath shower. I’m so glad to have that thing up – I don’t care if it’s not the color of metal I want or style I want, at this point, it’s a working shower and that’s all that matters. While the guys were here installing the glass, we worked together in the kitchen. First I made blueberry muffins…Then I started preparing a really good marinade for chicken fajitas. Todd made himself a nice little egg white omelette with potatoes, peppers and onions. We finished all the other prep work for the fajitas, loaded it up and headed to his parents’ house to use the pool again all afternoon.

I discovered a particular type of pool float that enables me to lie on my stomach in the water. I can’t tell you how relaxing this is. I can tell you that each time I was rolled over onto my big belly into the water, I would immediately fall asleep for a minute or two. Man, I miss sleeping on my tummy. Only about 1o more weeks until “tummy time” for me!

Also this weekend we worked to find Todd a Nintendo Wii. We tried lots of tricks and techniques recommended to us by store owners or Wii enthusiasts. These things have been out since, what, November? And still no stores have them – when they get them, they’re sold within 10 minutes. Ridiculous. My question is – did Nintendo just not prepare for the popularity of this thing? Wouldn’t they WANT to mass produce more of them to make more money? I work in marketing and I honestly can’t see the value of making people wait, or in keeping them OFF the shelves. It causes more phone calls and chaos for the retailers. I just don’t get it. But I know we want it.

That was our weekend. I hope yours was nice, too.

July 12, 2007, 9:19 am
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Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet, handsome perfect love.


July 10, 2007, 3:40 pm
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Today as I was going through our mail, I came across a direct mail piece that was advertising the sale of this Tiny Miracle Emmy doll. The piece was part of a larger mailing of coupons – you know the kind you get in the mail about once a week and typically end up trashing all of them?

Well this one kind of disturbed me before I threw it into the recycle bin. I assume she’s called a miracle because maybe she’s intended to be a premature baby?

The most lifelike, 10-inch-long baby doll ever — a So Truly Real first!

I mean, if it’s “lifelike” and only “10 inches long” it’s certainly not a bouncing, eight pound baby, that’s for sure.

The description goes on to say, “Imagine all the delicate realism of a real infant that you can almost cradle in one hand!”

Seriously. Who is the target audience for this doll? The doll itself doesn’t look like a baby doll for a little girl. I mean, how many little girls want to play with a doll who has a fixed, unhappy expression of discomfort on her face? Maybe a little girl who wants to pretend she’s the mommy of a baby who can’t yet come home from the hospital?

I really think it’s kind of sick. I guess, expecting a child of my own and fearing any complications or issues with the birth of the child, this really makes me uncomfortable. The doll is $59.99 but you can also get it in two installments of $29.99. Just more information, I guess, to try to determine who the target audience is here. Who buys these things?

I just think it’s a little creepy. Just my opinion.