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July 9, 2007, 7:01 pm
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I’ve not written a real post in forever. I’d be surprised to find out that anyone even visits the site anymore, given how boring and non-updated it is. But tonight as I wait for my cornbread to cook, I have some spare time just sitting at the computer…and thought I’d give those of you who have ventured back here a little treat.

Nothing’s new. That’s the big treat.

We did take a long weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona for a “babymoon”. One last trip before this baby arrives and sucks all the life out of our bodies and pushes time ahead at the speed of light where one day we will look up and wonder how we got to be 50 and, where did this teenager come from? It’s not all doom and gloom, we’re actually very happy to be having a baby and starting this new life. But hey, we’re realists. At least I am. I know that things will change, and I’m thankful that I’m at a point in my life where I’m okay with that and ready for it. I’m braced for it. As braced as you can be. Todd, on the other hand…is a little more optimistic about the types of changes that will occur. For example, he thinks that because he bought this, nothing in his life will change, he will simply strap the kid into his backpack and climb mountains, go rafting and compete in triathlons. In his opinion, the added weight of the child in the backpack simply increases his caloric expenditure and adds to the challenge. This is all a win-win situation for him. And for that, I’m very glad.

Speaking of climbing mountains – he did a lot of that in Sedona in the lovely red rocks area. It really is lovely. I’m sure it’s even lovelier when it’s not 114 degrees outside, but you know, it’s a “dry heat”. I spent most of my time by the pool or getting a massage or eating, and I spent some more time eating. Which is why I’m not posting pictures of myself here for your review. I don’t want you to see how well that nightly Coldstone MoJo Mud Pie sundae sits on my ass and in the jowls of my cheeks. Order it without the peanut butter and add extra cookies…really, there’s nothing more delightful than this treat after dinner.

On the trip we also visited the Grand Canyon. We took the back roads from Sedona to the Grand Canyon and it really was the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on…It was unfortunate for Todd that he was driving, as he missed so much of it. It was imperative that he keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road because for the most part, we were constantly winding up or down a mountain with those “watch for falling rocks” signs everywhere. I enjoyed the scenery, but the anxiety in my body for the entire ride was debilitating. When did I get to be such a wuss? I guess alcohol makes us stronger, faster, braver people. Without it, I’m a ball of nerves. Only about 11 more weeks until I can introduce it into the system again then I’ll drink and drive up mountains.

One afternoon, Todd drove me around to the various mountains he’d hiked or climbed during his morning adventures. I took pictures of him in front of those mountains, they’re below. He really loves this stuff. One is Bear Mountain and one is Doe Mountain, I think. He’d have to tell you which is which.



We had a great time, but I must say I was actually glad to be back to the rainy weather. Things are so dry and dusty in Sedona, you start to feel like everything is dying a little bit…I learned that I’m more of a fan of terrain that involves trees and lush greenery…with water. But they were beautiful sights to see, no doubt.

That’s it for now! Just working and carrying this baby around in my belly. Todd’s all ready for it to come out. I think I want to keep it in there forever. It’s so wonderful.

More later.


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Glad to get an update. 11 weeks … enjoy it (at least as much as you physically can).

Comment by jen

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