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July 10, 2007, 3:40 pm
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Today as I was going through our mail, I came across a direct mail piece that was advertising the sale of this Tiny Miracle Emmy doll. The piece was part of a larger mailing of coupons – you know the kind you get in the mail about once a week and typically end up trashing all of them?

Well this one kind of disturbed me before I threw it into the recycle bin. I assume she’s called a miracle because maybe she’s intended to be a premature baby?

The most lifelike, 10-inch-long baby doll ever — a So Truly Real first!

I mean, if it’s “lifelike” and only “10 inches long” it’s certainly not a bouncing, eight pound baby, that’s for sure.

The description goes on to say, “Imagine all the delicate realism of a real infant that you can almost cradle in one hand!”

Seriously. Who is the target audience for this doll? The doll itself doesn’t look like a baby doll for a little girl. I mean, how many little girls want to play with a doll who has a fixed, unhappy expression of discomfort on her face? Maybe a little girl who wants to pretend she’s the mommy of a baby who can’t yet come home from the hospital?

I really think it’s kind of sick. I guess, expecting a child of my own and fearing any complications or issues with the birth of the child, this really makes me uncomfortable. The doll is $59.99 but you can also get it in two installments of $29.99. Just more information, I guess, to try to determine who the target audience is here. Who buys these things?

I just think it’s a little creepy. Just my opinion.


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it’s just a tiny, “LIFE LIKE” doll. their intention is for it just to look real.

Comment by mutha deah

I know what I getting you for Christmas!

Comment by Big Sis

hehehehehe…sisterly love…ain’t it grand?

Comment by mutha deah

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