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Luckey Baby
July 25, 2007, 2:48 pm
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Today we had a 4-D sonogram done. And we learned that the “fourth dimension” is actually movement. Okay.

So many people asked us why we’d want to do this, given that we don’t want to know the sex of the baby. After having it done, I’m very glad we did. It really was an amazing experience. Even though you’re “seeing” the baby, you’re not really seeing it. It’s not like meeting the baby before it’s born…It’s like a sneak peek inside there to see how things are going. And they’re going fine. Baby is almost 4 pounds – that’s ahead of schedule, actually. We’re either having a huge baby or the due date might be a little earlier than we thought – we’ll find out more tomorrow. I’m praying for an earlier delivery, not the big baby. For obvious reasons.

Baby gave us a “thumbs up” again:

Also, even the sonographer commented on how HUGE the feet are. The baby shielded its face from us during most of the event with its feet and hands.

And this is the profile, my mom’s favorite shot. It shows some cute little chubby cheeks, which are caused by tons and tons of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, no doubt.

Fun stuff.


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those 4D sonograms are very cool. wish i could have seen the babes actually moving. do y’all have a movie of it? i’ve never seen one.
i’m a little worried about another “thumbs up” shot of this kid though. as in…maybe “it” has those pre-molded GI Joe hands that are set to be able to insert the standard GI Joe equipment 😉

Comment by Sam

Yes, we have video. You’ll have to watch it. Very cool. Of course, Todd is having to convert it to DVD since we no longer own a VCR. Then you can watch it.

Comment by Lauri

I am thinking the politician route. You know…all the campaign pictures with the guy with his thumbs up. Definitely politician, Dad would be proud.

Comment by Big Sis

So cute!! Glad everyone’s happy & healthy!

Comment by jen

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