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Puppies are cute.
August 1, 2007, 4:56 pm
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It took everything in us not to get a new Westie puppy (or “another Jack” as we tend to say) this week. On our way to Sonic (my pregnancy staple) Todd swerved over two lanes of traffic as soon as he and I both saw the “Westie Puppies” sign on the side of the road. We got out of the car and this guy claims to not be a breeder – just a “mistake” that his male and female Westie made, that he’s going to get that mama fixed as soon as he gets rid of those puppies. Interesting that someone who doesn’t breed Westies has a professionally made “Westie Puppies” sign and knows all the rules and regulations for setting up shop to sell the dogs in all the neighboring towns. That’s not the point of the story – I’m just not sure why he felt the need to go there as he was trying to sell the pups?

We are the last people in America who need a new, 7 week old puppy. No matter how cute it is, or how much fun Jack will have with it, or how it might make Jack happier to have it around once the real baby arrives, etc., etc., etc. I made several arguments and valid points against getting the dog:
1. It’s one thing to find a dog sitter for one dog, another thing completely to find one for two.
2. When we travel out of town, Jack travels in the back seat and his bag, crate, toys, food, etc. all go in the back of the car. We’re about to add a baby and all it requires to that list. And another dog? Not a good idea.

But ultimately, it was hard to argue against my last point, because it pretty much is a dead end street:
3. Puppies make messes. Poo and pee messes. On the floor. Babies spend a lot of time on the floor. No way, Jose.

So we didn’t get another dog. Again. Again, we didn’t get another dog. Seems we’re always putting ourselves into this position. Todd wants two. And he can have another dog…when this baby is older, I think.

Eight months pregnant now. Freaking out a little bit. Nesting.


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i know y’all love Jack. i also know that y’all aren’t stupid…so good choice in sticking w/ just one for now. i’m sure you can imagine the hell it would be w/ a little baby fresh from the womb in the house. yeah…give it some time. apparently that guy will still be there selling pups in the future….who’s he fooling?

Comment by Sam

You were right. Your focus needs to be on the baby and not a fur baby. My 9 month preganant neighbor was bombarded by her doctor husband who brought her and the two other children 2 baby beagle pups. I thought she was going to pass out. Hell, he is never home, why would he care!?

Comment by Big Sis

Ah, great point re: puppies and babies and the need for relatively clean floors! Additional animal mess would have driven you MAD.

Comment by jen

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