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August 7, 2007, 4:28 pm
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I’m 33 weeks pregnant this week. That means that in four weeks, I’ll be considered “full term”. In seven weeks, I’ll be “officially due”. And the fact that there are a number of days between and after those two milestones means that I am going a little crazy with anticipation. Getting to that point of “it could happen any time” and that, for a control freak, causes some unrest. Not to mention, there are so many things on my “List of Things to Do Before Baby” that have not been done yet. I don’t mean the list that had “Travel the World” and all that stuff on it, the one I scratched through then crumpled up and tossed into the fire when I found out I was pregnant. I mean the REAL list, the list of things I’ve written down on paper, that have to be done pre-baby. Paint the house. Replace the tile in the entry. Return all the bathroom decor I bought months ago that no longer matches or works. Find a china cabinet so that I can free up storage space downstairs. Get a new office desk and chair. Get a car seat. A mattress for the crib. That stuff. The weeks are running out. How did this happen? Crazy.

Anyway. I haven’t had any true “cravings” during my pregnancy like most women do. I’ve probably allowed myself to eat more fast food than normal – treating myself to a potato, egg and cheese breakfast taquito at Whataburger every Sunday, for instance. Let’s be honest, I get the full meal. The one that comes with hash browns, for extra protein. I love a hamburger and fries, and have eaten more burger combos during the past eight months than I ate in the last two or three years combined – I swear this is true.

The prevalence of fast food in my diet has caused another realization, though, that I’m really ashamed of…as if the fast food wasn’t enough. While I look down on establishments who send their “to go” or “leftover” foods home in Styrofoam containers, I love a Styrofoam cup.

Styrofoam, the brand name for polystyrene thermal insulation material, is terrible for the environment. It takes some 400 years to break it down and it’s so cost prohibitive to recycle it that no one does it. There are cities across America that have outlawed its use in food service industries. (See an interesting story here on that.)

But for some reason, I love to drink beverages, especially water, out of a Styrofoam cup – with crushed ice, complete with a straw and lid (which are also not necessary when consuming beverages in the safety of your own home). Don’t worry, I re-use them over and over again, I don’t get a new one every day or anything crazy like that. The cup really is perfect on so many levels here at home, though. Lily (the cat) can knock it over all day long and the lid keeps the liquid in, safe and sound. She also doesn’t desire to drink from the lidded cup like she does an open glass of water. Also, the Styrofoam doesn’t sweat and leave water marks on my desk. (By “desk” I mean beautiful antique kitchen table that I’m forced to use for the next 7 weeks.) I have a coaster very nearby for those sweaty glasses of water. Sometimes I must be too lazy to get up and get it, because I have seen some water rings lately. When you’re yapping on the phone non-stop, it’s hard to pay attention to the details. This Styrofoam cup is genius for the idiots of the world. It’s basically the adult “sippy cup”.

Anyway, I’m obviously admitting to some things I’m not terribly proud of in this post…But I felt the need to document them here. And mom, I know that stressing about my list of things “to do” before baby is not a good idea, to just “let go” and everything will fall into place. I know that’s true. And mom, I also know that my life doesn’t end just because I’m having a baby…I know these things. Doesn’t mean I won’t obsess over them. That’s just how I roll.


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The baby is so close! I can only imagine how excited you guys are.
In terms of your water situation, have you considered a Nalgene bottle? Obviously, they’re reusable, but you can better track your water intake. Mine is like a guilt-meter- if I don’t make it through 2 a day I have such guilt.
Just an idea…

Comment by Kristen

Thanks, Kristen! We’ve actually got a FEW Nalgene bottles. There’s just something about this cup…

Comment by Lauri

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the “green” messages out there. I feel guilty running my dishwasher or occasionally tossing something recyclable into the trash if I’m not at home. I drive a lot and don’t have the most fuel efficient car. No one lives a perfectly “green” life…

Comment by Kristen

I’m so excited for you guys! You’re going to have a little Luckey Pumpkin in no time at all. You should hurry and get that carseat just in case. đŸ™‚

Comment by jessie

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