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Dessert, It’s What’s for Dinner
August 29, 2007, 11:40 am
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My main pregnancy indulgence has been the sweets. I love dessert. After every meal. I’m not really picky about what it is…I love ice cream, anything chocolate, and a banana-pudding type of concoction is something that I always go for at the restaurants. Also chocolate pie. At Luby’s. With chocolate milk. At breakfast, I kill two birds with one stone by eating a sugary cereal for the meal itself, which also doubles as the dessert. Of course, then an hour or two later I’m left with the shakes and am in misery. But it was always definitely worth it.

Aside from the breakfast two-fer, I have to have the final course of dessert following every meal – lunch and dinner. Sometimes, though, I have a hard time waiting on the meal itself before partaking in the dessert. This is a problem, though, because once I eat the pre-meal dessert…Then the meal…Then I definitely want dessert again. So I have it. Sometimes I have something different. The pantry is stocked full of options.

My question is – what happens post-pregnancy? How do I break this awful habit and chain of events? Is there a 12-step for a terminal sweet tooth? You know, thank GOD I’m not much of a baker. If I actually knew how to bake a mean chocolate pie…And actually had the energy to do so…I’d be in big trouble. I basically need to buy everything ready-to-eat at the store. If something takes time, it doesn’t really satisfy me. I need easy access.

While visiting my mom and sister not long ago, I discovered some really good new 100-calorie treats that I’d not seen before. Those are quick, easy, and come with less guilt than some of my other dessert staples. Of course, sometimes I have to have two packages to really tame the rabid beast inside of me that requires the sweetness. But I’d say that overall, I’m not REALLY bad…Most of the ice cream I eat is low-fat, plus I’m doing these 100-calories things now.

What I don’t get is this…How, after eating the desserts like I have been…have I been able to remain “on target” with my pregnancy weight gain? I’m actually at the lower end of the spectrum. And I’m very thankful for that. I’m not posting that here out of pride…I’m posting the question here because I’m seriously dumbfounded. Because there’s also the fast food…The lack of exercise. I think what I’ve got here is a big, hungry baby. I think that when this baby is born, there won’t be a need for me to focus on not eating the sweets in the house, because this baby is going to come out demanding sweets and fast food (probably using some choice bad words in the process) and won’t be willing to share them with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I see the number on the scale and cringe. Never in my life have I weighed this much, and I hope to never weigh this much again. I’ve got a lot to lose once this baby comes out…And I think that even means saying goodbye to the 100-calorie snacks. I think it means that I actually have to start working out again. This is all music to my husband’s ears, he’s got a work out addiction. Total weirdo.

Or, I could just keep on having babies and not worry about it.

That’s the thing that I’ve truly enjoyed about being pregnant. Not being so conscious of my body image. Not caring what I look like in a swimsuit. Feeling it’s totally acceptable that my face is a little fatter. I hope I can take with me a little of that confidence and disregard for things physical through this pregnancy and beyond…That would be nice.


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You should keep having babies! There is something to be said for pure happiness and if your doc isn’t worried, you shouldn’t be either!

Comment by Big Sis

i agree! let’s have more babies! but do wait a couple of yrs and let this one enjoy being the “baby”…

Comment by mutha deah

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