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September 1, 2007, 6:34 am
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Yesterday Todd and I showed up for our weekly appointment with the OB, not in any way prepared for the news we received. At our last appointment, nothing had changed. Baby was still on schedule, no surprises. This appointment, however, was a total shocker. In a week’s time everything had changed. I am 50% effaced and baby is in the -1 station. That means it’s getting closer, people. Much closer, and must faster than we expected!

Really, “expected” isn’t the right word to use there. We never know what to expect. It wasn’t what I’d PLANNED for. When I asked the doctor, “What does that mean, though….”, she said that we would likely not last these next four weeks. She thinks baby will be here in two weeks. Two. Dos. One, two. Fourteen days. Ten business days. The time it takes to get the cable guy to come to your house to fix your cable. The time it takes to take a good vacation. It’s no time at all! No time for anything!

So I’m freaking out a little bit. It’s definitely the first of many tests on my control, I know.

When we found out I was pregnant I predicted a delivery date of September 14. It looks like I could be closer to that date than I’d imagined. We shall see…


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hey…i won $40 a couple of months ago when my friends had a baby-birthdate-pool thing. y’all got anything like that going on? let me know i could use some cash 😉

ps: don’t be stressin’ – get excited!!!

Comment by sam

I’d bet on September, if I were a betting woman. Which we all know that I am. No one has started any kind of baby due date pot, Sam. Maybe you should send out a family email to see if anyone wants to contribute.

Comment by Lauri

I’d go w/momma’s instict on that Sept. 14 date.

Comment by jen

i need to make a call to Dr. Silver. i trust his due date picks more than anyone.

Comment by Sam

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