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September 14
September 14, 2007, 7:48 am
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Today is supposed to be D-Day, according to my intuition. Although I feel the same as I did yesterday. I was just SURE that I’d wake up in the middle of the night last night with contractions, maybe some breakage of the waters, something. But nothing. One should probably not hold out for a particular date. As a matter of fact, it makes even more sense that doctors don’t even give their OB patients a “due date”. Maybe something more nebulous, like “You’re due sometime near the end of September.” It feels like that would make life easier here toward the end. All this anticipation and waiting. And anxiety.

And discomfort. Man, I’ve been relatively comfortable throughout my pregnancy. Now I just desire to lay on the couch all day and watch TV or sleep. I took a two hour nap yesterday after work and still had no problem going to sleep last night before the Colbert Report was even finished. I usually watch all of it, and then some. I just wake up all night long and then can’t go back to sleep. I woke up around 4:45 this morning and didn’t go back to sleep until at least 6:30…I can’t begin to tell you the hundreds of things going through my mind at that point in time.

I know, this lack of sleep through the night is only the beginning.

Yesterday, I pulled into the parking lot of the UPS store near our house to get some stamps. When I was done with my errand, I walked back to my car, got settled to pull out of the parking lot, and looked over at an older man getting out of his car. The dude was older, for sure, but was obviously on the job – as he had on one of those company embroidered logo polo shirts and khakis. I don’t know what made me watch him, but I did. I watched him get out of his Toyota Camry with some papers in his hand (likely going into UPS to either mail or make copies of them). He walked toward the UPS store, then turned around and went to his trunk. Again, I’m not sure why I’m still watching the dude at this point, but I am. He shuffled his way back to his trunk, opened it, and took out a bottle of liquor – what looked like vodka or something else clear – but unmistakably a glass liquor bottle. Unscrewed the top, took a big ole swig, put the top back on, and placed it back into his trunk, then headed into the store.

Now, I know people drink and drive. We all know that. But this…this floored me for some reason. It made me wonder how many swigs of that liquor he’d taken throughout the day. It made me wonder how many other people on the streets are doing this. It made me a little scared for a minute…And of course, I felt really sorry for the man.

When I’m driving late on a weekend night, I’m a little more cautious. I’m cautious because in the back of my mind, that’s when people are drinking and driving. I know I should always drive carefully, but that little incident yesterday made it clear that my assumption about drunk drivers and weekends is just me being naive about things. Not necessarily naive, but putting those behaviors into a box like that…It just doesn’t work.

Then, as always, I wonder about situations like those – me sitting in the parking lot, feeling compelled to watch this man…Was I supposed to do something about it? Was I supposed to try to talk to him? Of course, I didn’t. I just picked up my cell phone and called Todd, almost yelling into his voicemail the string of events that had just taken place, just dumbfounded.

Anyway, that’s the only news I have for you. I watched an older man sip a little toddy out of the trunk of his Camry yesterday. And I’m impatiently waiting for the arrival of this baby into this world…begging every few hours for God to place me into what will likely be the worst pain in my entire life.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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maybe that guy was just numbing the pain a bit and not getting full-fledge drunk. i’m sure there are so many of those types out there day-to-day driving right next to you.

the 14th is still early (10am)…your intuition might still force that life out of you today. but hold out until the 20th if you can 😉

Comment by Sam

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