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Still waiting…
September 17, 2007, 8:28 am
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I’ve never been one to go to the doctor’s office hoping for pain, hoping for someone to admit me to the hospital. I mean, I’m a hypochondriac for sure, but never have I felt the need to be hospitalized or anything. Maybe I’ve feared it for no reason, but I’ve certainly never begged for it.

I thought for sure today’s appointment would reveal something new and exciting. That the doctor would examine me and say, “Well, let’s send you over to the hospital!” I purposely didn’t bring my packed bag with us just to test fate a little bit. I didn’t shave my legs for the same reason.

But no real change today. I’ve progressed a little bit, which the doctor says is great. My body is in a “favorable condition” to have this baby at any time, even to induce labor, should we feel the need for it. If I haven’t delivered by next Monday’s appointment, she said we could talk about induction that day. I’m just hoping not to make it to next Monday…

Todd’s cell phone broke last night and I was tempted to ask him not to replace it…so that we can push the boundaries a little more with the “all stars must be aligned” delivery. But he got a new one this morning. The phone broke, of course, one month before he was eligible for his upgrade. Things always seem to happen that way. But I did have a stroke of luck this weekend. We went to breakfast on Saturday morning and passed by a neat little dog place (it’s a spa/resort/retail store for dogs), so we stopped in to see what it was all about. Really neat place for dogs – you can take your dog there just to hang out and play with other dogs for the day, or you can board them there in really good boarding conditions. Unlike the vet’s office or other places where they just confine them to a crate and take them out only for walks and feedings, this place gives your dog a whole room with couches and what-not…and the ability to socialize with other dogs while they’re there. It’s great. We immediately thought this was a place that Jack would love, given that he loves to play with other dogs but doesn’t really have any friends to play with on a regular basis.

On the way out of the place (and about $50+ worth of merchandise later) we registered for a free stay. The next day they had their grand prize drawing and we won!! Five nights free! At first, I thought that maybe everyone “wins”, kind of like those “Register for a free sitting and 8×10 photo of your family” things you see in restaurants. But no, they want us to come in, bring Jack and have our picture taken as the grand prize winners! Jack’s going to be so excited. And the place doesn’t stink.

Anyway, I can’t say that I’ve never won anything! But I can say that I’m not very good at waiting on a baby to arrive…or waiting on a pot of water to boil. I’m a little anxious. Impatient. READY!


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i have never heard of dogs needing playmates??? šŸ˜‰

Comment by mutha deah

It’s probably an old wives’ tale, but I’ve heard of people taking a spoonful of caster oil and the baby comes in no time!

Comment by jessie

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