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Due Date
September 25, 2007, 10:56 am
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Today is our official due date. And no sign of baby. We’re scheduled to take the first step of induction on Thursday night, then if we don’t succeed…we will be fully induced Friday. So we should have a baby by this weekend. And it just occurred to me that this means that last weekend was our last weekend as DINKs (Double Income, No Kids). And what did we do? Well, Todd played golf, played hockey, worked in the yard… I kind of sat around. Did a little bit of fruitless shopping. And we went to see a movie.

Work is just weird at this point. There’s nothing I can start working on, because I’d just be leaving it in someone else’s lap, half finished. This really grates on me for some reason, not feeling 100% productive. I can’t really take the days OFF because I don’t have the vacation days to use – they’ll be used up in maternity leave. So I sit here and sit in on meetings and phone calls and try to contribute where I can. But really, I just want the baby to come so that I can sign off of work in a more official manner.

So that’s my news. That there is none. Happy day!


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I can’t really work either. I don’t need to start something that I would have to walk away from at a moment’s notice, so I am really doing a lot of nothing!
Thanks for that!

Comment by Big Sis

Glad I could help!

Comment by leadballoon

i just have to at least come to the office every morning…but after the morning i’m good to go. so hold off until the afternoon on these…thanks.

happy Due-day !!!

Comment by Sam

There’s nothing wrong with inducing; that’s the way we went. I was scared as hell when the pitocin (sp?) didn’t do much and they wanted to break my water, to mess with the baby’s ecosystem; but it was nice to know it wouldn’t be a total waiting game. 😉

Can’t wait for you to deliver and to share that baby’s name!

Comment by jen

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