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November 28, 2007, 4:47 pm
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Today is Wednesday. I go back to work on Monday. The time feels like it’s ticking away like a bomb. I don’t want it to end. Actually, I’d be okay with going back to work if Natalie could stay home with me. If someone could come here to stay with her and keep her…But we’ve not stumbled across an option that works out that way. So on Monday morning I take her to her “school” and drop her off, and likely drive home in tears, pull into the driveway, and call my doctor for a prescription for some sort of sedative. Happy pills, if you will.

Before we had Natalie I thought that changing poopy diapers would be the worst part of having a baby. Many of you probably wondered if I’d survive parenthood, given my own poop issues. Now I wonder what I will do if Natalie’s poop schedule stays such that she takes her poops during the hours that she’s at “school” and not at home with me. Her poop face is something that I look forward to every day, once a day. Some days, it happens twice, but that’s a very rare gem. Now someone else will get to watch her poop and get such a kick out of it. And I know they will. It’s priceless. I want that kick! I don’t mind the smell, the mess! I want that poop! It’s such a perfect poop.

This last week home is not what I expected. Todd took the week off as well, and we’ve been looking forward to this week for a while. But Natalie and I came down with a nasty cold on Monday and it’s still lingering. She doesn’t have it as bad as I do, but either way – it makes you feel like crap and like locking yourself indoors for a few days. So we’re pretty much confined here. And the truth is, I don’t mind it, if it means keeping ONE MORE PERSON well and germ-free. It should be against the law to spread your cold and flu germs with others. I’ve never been so aware of germs in my life, and I was pretty neurotic about it with my OCD in the first place. So now I’m in big trouble.

Today I talked on the phone with a longtime friend who I’ve not talked to since Natalie was born. I realized at the end of the conversation with him that most of what I had to say had to do with a Fisher-Price product or Natalie’s latest bodily functions or noises. I still have opinions on current events, I still have strong convictions. I”m following the presidential primary races. I’m concerned about my family, friends, loved ones. I’d just rather talk about the way she smiles at me and how she recognizes and reaches for the bird on her bouncy seat now. And I’m okay with that, of course. She is our life now, and that’s really rad.

The other thing I thought would be hard is the middle-of-the-night feeding. Not so much. It’s hard getting out of bed. Right when I hear her, it takes me a little bit to wake up and stumble from our room to hers. But when I see her and pick up her warm, cuddly little body…I’m just fine with being right there, at that moment. Even when she’s screaming…which is not that often…I’m okay with it. I know it will end as soon as that bottle is warmed and in her mouth. And those quiet, late night feedings are just so sweet. All of that being said…while it seems that the late night feedings aren’t a big deal, I think that maybe I’m just not aware of the toll they take on me and my mental state. There are, after all, times that I’ve snapped at my loved ones for something pretty insignificant…or times that I’ve not really been “present” for conversations…or those times that I’ve not brought my “A Game” to a conversation and unknowingly stuck my foot in my mouth so far and not realized it until a few hours later. This has happened. More than once.

Really, though, watching someone grow right before your eyes is an amazing thing. And I’m going to talk to Natalie about not growing during those hours that she’s at “school” and I’m at work. And when I have to start traveling again, I’m going to put her in our freezer so that all of her cells stop growing. Then I’ll get home and take her out with a couple of chicken breasts. Let them all thaw, cook up some dinner and smother her with my kisses once she’s not icy and I don’t run the risk of hurting my lips. This is my plan for now.

Attached is a picture that one of us caught of her huge, toothless grin. She looks like an old man whose dentures are wrapped in a Kleenex in his pocket instead of in his mouth. The best part of this picture is that she’s also trying to laugh and has likely just let out the biggest snort known to 8 week-olds. So cute.

Have a lovely day.


Natalie Update
November 20, 2007, 11:42 am
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Now she smiles at us, recognizes us. She intentionally puts her hands in her mouth. She wakes up only one time during the night to eat and is up bright and early in the morning. Her hair is still red…and the new hair coming in looks to be the same color so it looks as if we’ve got ourselves an auburn-headed baby girl. She tries so hard to talk to us, and when she finally gets the noise out she sighs as if she’s just run completely out of steam. Sometimes her efforts at talking to us only produce hiccups which frustrates her to no end. Basically, she’s just perfect.

Natalie – November

TEAM in Training
November 19, 2007, 9:54 am
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Please visit Todd’s TEAM in Training Web page and consider making a donation!

There is a link in the left navigation of this page in case you’d like to come back and check on his progress.

Heard in Tonight’s Democratic Debate in Nevada…
November 15, 2007, 9:37 pm
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“They’re not attacking me because I’m a woman. They’re attacking me because I’m ahead.”

happy halloween!
November 1, 2007, 7:32 am
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Last night we got all dolled up and visited our cousins and Natalie’s grandparents for Halloween. We scored a little candy, and a little prank on Todd’s mother. We chose these costumes so that our identities would be hidden, to see if she recognized the peapod as her granddaughter. So we joined some neighborhood kids as they walked up to their door, we let the kids scream “Trick or Treat!”. Todd’s mom said we could reach into her bucket and grab our own candy. The kids we were with grabbed a couple of pieces each, and so did I. Then, when I realized that she still didn’t recognize us, I started to shovel her candy into my bag to get her attention. She got mad and said, “Hey! Who are you!” You really had to be there…it was priceless. Finally, she figured it out. And thankfully didn’t ask for any of the candy back.

Little Peapod

Scary Family

My Punkin