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Today is MUCH Better
December 4, 2007, 12:32 pm
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First of all, when I picked her up from school yesterday she wasn’t bleeding from her eyeballs, she was still breathing. All was well. She was, however, crying when I got there. Her face was actually covered up with her blanket as she was sitting in the bouncy seat. Now, I know this was just one “moment in time” that I walked into – it’s probably happened 200 times at my house. Now that she has some control over her hands she always pulls blankets and such up to her face. Of course, my initial thought was that they were trying to suffocate her all day and their efforts just weren’t working. I picked her up immediately and she was happy. Got home, and she slept – she was exhausted!

After we got home I thought that she smelled a bit like a daycare and wanted to bathe her immediately. But I didn’t – I didn’t want to seem too neurotic and crazy. But when Todd got home and picked her up he said, “I’m going to go give her a bath.” Wonderful!

She slept well last night and was just fine when I dropped her off this morning.

Today is also better because the normal “teacher” for the infant “classroom” was there today. She was out sick yesterday and I’d never met her before. She absolutely warmed my heart today. She seemed less like an employee there and more like someone who LOVES caring for babies. Just so sweet, caring, nurturing. I left there, not in tears, but smiling and glad Natalie was in good hands.

I’m still counting down the hours until I can go pick her up, though. I wonder if that ever ends?


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Nope. Never ends. Though I doubt Mom still feels the same about us!

Comment by Big Sis

of course i do…

Comment by muthadeah

How was the first week overall? You’re on week two now!

Comment by jen

The first week was hard and painful…but it’s over. And this week is great. With every day it gets easier AND I’m starting to get to know the people there…that makes it much easier.

Comment by leadballoon

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