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Merry Belated Christmas
December 28, 2007, 8:40 am
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I hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday. I hope that Santa brought you everything on your list, and in your letter to him. I hope it was all wrapped up real nice with a big bow on it, and you ran downstairs early Christmas morning to find it sitting there, and your cookies – half eaten. Maybe even the reindeer’s carrot outside, also half eaten, right next to their tracks in the snow. Wait a minute, we have no snow. Todd thinks it’s just not Christmas without snow. I asked him if he’d hated Christmas his whole life, then, given that he grew up in Texas? No, he just doesn’t feel all “in the spirit” if there isn’t snow and sleigh bells ringing, apparently.

We had a wonderful Christmas with Natalie. I’m not so sure she’d think it was that great, though. Not only did we take her completely off her schedule for a long stretch of days, but we toted her around from house to house, city to city, and everyone who knows and/or loves her shared all their kisses and hugs and cold and sick germs with her. She now has a lovely, rattly cough in her chest and a head full of snot. Actually, she probably got it from me, because I’ve had it for about two months now. Nonetheless, I was thankful that all the family got to see her and spend time with her over the holiday.

She’s such a good baby, she slept through almost all of Christmas mass, and when she was awake she was wide-eyed and looking around, checking things out, happy as she could be. I was paranoid that she’d wake up and start screaming right in the middle of it, but she pulled through and surprised me, yet again, with her perfectness. We visited the church where Todd and I met and were married. It was nice seeing old faces and friends. Apparently, the incense at church doesn’t bother her too much, however she smelled like it for the rest of the night after we got home. Either that, or, she’d been smoking a big fat doob and was trying to cover the smell in her crib, yo.

When we stay at my mom’s house, who gets to bathe her and when is a pretty big deal. Todd and I can’t bathe her, as my mom and sister have to do all the bathing while we’re there. It’s one of their favorite things to do. My sister bathed her one day and styled her hair into a beautiful mohawk, which stayed through the night and into the next day. She loved it, as you can see in this picture:

Nat Mohawk

I would say that this year was the Year of the Gift Card, given how easy gift cards are to purchase now at every grocery store. These were quick and easy gifts for us to give and to receive. Like my friend Mary says, “I hate giving them, but I love receiving them.” It’s true – it seems like such a thoughtless gift, but man, they’re nice to have. What does it say about me that I received a total of $50 worth of Luby’s gift cards??? That I’m an 80 year old woman trapped in a 31 year-old’s body? I think so. Thank you Jesus for Luby’s pea salad. I got gift cards to other restaurants, to movie theaters, for a massage…glorious.

But it’s back to the grind now. I’ve been back at work (and actually working, unlike a lot of people who I think are able to go back to work and enjoy the calm that follows a holiday for a few days) since the 26th. Lots to do before the end of the year, and being on maternity leave for 9 weeks right before the holidays means even more work for me. But that’s good. It means I’m not out shopping and spending money! Once work is done, though, I’ve got to get out there and use some of these gift cards.

Merry Day!


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Love that hair!

Comment by jen

Isn’t it cute? There is no STYLING to Natalie’s hair. Which is good, because I’m no STYLIST.

Comment by Lauri

Hey — I sent you an email. Did you get it?

Comment by jen

I did not! But am dying to know about this precious puppy! lauriluckey AT gmail.

Comment by Lauri

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